5 'Girl Shows' That Guys Should Be Watching

Sometimes a TV series gets unfairly tagged with a gender-biased label. In the spirit of enlightenment, we present 5 so-called 'Girl Shows' That Guys Should Be Watching.

Girl Shows Guys Should be Watching

The landscape of TV can be very gender-specific. Many shows featuring strong female leads have achieved success on both sides of the gender line (True Blood, Homeland); and yet, other shows have to carry the stigma of being "girl shows," with all the gender bias that term implies. While certain TV shows are obviously aimed toward one gender or another (see: Lifetime or Spike), we hate to see great gems of TV viewing slip through the cracks of gender bias, when truly there is a great experience there for any and everyone.

Qualifying for our list was simple: These are all shows we tried to convince guys we know to watch, only to be refused on the basis of gender bias. So now we're presenting our case: These aren't just great shows in their own right - some of them are actually of great tactical use to the male gender.

Check out (in no particular order) our "5 'Girl Shows' That Guys Should Be Watching"

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