TV Renewal And Cancellation Notes To Date

Though the networks are making official statements in the coming week, news is coming out slowly but surely on what is going to happen with shows like Dollhouse, Chuck, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Scrubs among others.

Here's the news that's come out of this weekend about some of our favorite shows...  after the break.


As we reported Friday night, Dollhouse is renewed on a limited budget, for 13 episodes.


Chuck has been picked up for at least 13 episodes.  Yet, there is a "but" in that good news.

There will be budget concessions involved.  It includes cutting back on the episodes and supporting cast members, possibly eliminating one actor altogether and it looks like two of its staff writers will be let go.

Terminator:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Sadly, The Sarah Connor Chronicles is being reported as being officially canceled. On top of that, Warner Brothers isn't even trying to shop it out to any other network.  SyFy?  Time to step up and show you do care about sci-fi fans.  (Is that a crazy thought?)


ABC is picking up Scrubs for a 9th season of the funny medical show.


Bones has been given the green light for a fifth season and sixth season.


No news yet, but if Medium gets bumped by NBC, CBS may pick it up.  It is produced by CBS Paramount Television, so that might make sense.  And it would be a smart move to buy a show that already has an installed fan base.

The Unusuals

The new show on ABC called The Unusuals, will not be back. That doesn't surprise me.  The actors didn't really seem to match up to their roles and nothing compelled me to want to watch the show.

Other shows getting renewed are:

Cold Case on CBS.Castle on ABC.

Shows not looking good for renewal:

Without A Trace is probably going away.It's being said that the crew from Eleventh Hour are looking for work.

As we find out more, we'll keep you up to date.

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