16 TV Remakes And Reboots You Didn’t Know Were Coming

Many of our favorite films have already been remade or will be at some point in the future, and this mentality has extended to television as well. Should we be bitter and cry about the legacies of our favorite entertainment being reimagined for modern times? Or should we accept that new iterations can sometimes be good and even provide some fresh perspective on franchises with a storied history?

Whether you approve or disapprove of remakes and reboots is your prerogative, but there’s nothing wrong with being optimistic, either. Considering that they won’t be disappearing in this lifetime, it’s probably best to approach them with an open mind. Besides, who knows… the next Hannibal or Twin Peaks could just be around the corner ready to blow our minds. Then again, we can probably expect some mishaps like Charlie’s Angels and Knightrider as well. Isn’t the unpredictability part of the excitement?

In 2017, TV executives continued to dig up the past and ensure that the future will consist of many reboots and remakes of properties from a bygone era. What a time to be alive.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s look ahead to 16 TV Remakes And Reboots You Didn’t Know Were Coming.

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Back in 2003, Bravo unleashed the popular gay-centric reality show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and it was a lot of fun. The series embraced the notion that gay men are fashion experts, and the show’s cast of colorful and flamboyant characters were entertaining and supported the stereotype by supplying much-needed makeovers to lucky participants on a weekly basis.

At the start of 2017, Netflix announced it has ordered a new season of Queer Eye with eight episodes set to air featuring a new cast of hosts replacing the original Fab Five. Needless to say, they have big, stylish shoes to fill if they want to live up to that dynasty.

No release date has been announced yet, but the show is rumored to drop in the very near future.


Before Mean Girls there was Heathers, a dark comedy from 1988 about a high school girl who teams up with a violent sociopath to kill off a clique of popular students she isn’t particularly fond of. It’s a cult classic featuring a young Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, which means the upcoming TV reboot comes with a rabid fan base to appease.

The new 10-episode series has described as a "pitch-black" comedic anthology, and every season will focus on a new group of characters, similar to shows like Fargo and Skins. Adwin Brown, Romel De Silva, Annalisa Cochrane are all set to star in the first season, but will we see Winona make a cameo?

Heathers is set to premiere on the Paramount Network in the first quarter of 2018. You can check out the trailer here.


Ace Ventura

Alrighty then, now we’re talking. This is a reboot we can all get behind, because who doesn’t love animals and solving mysteries involving animals? Ace Ventura is one guy we can always rely on to deliver justice on behalf of the animal kingdom, and that’s the type of dude that deserves a series.

At the time of writing, little is known about the planned series. What we do know, however, is that it’s another venture from the Morgan Creek Entertainment Group to update their properties for the modern era as opposed to coming up with fresh ideas that don’t aim to milk every last drop of our nostalgia.

Of course, this won’t be the first time our favorite Pet Detective has graced the small screen. Who can forget that awesome 1995 animated series?


Tremors - Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward

Earlier this year, Syfy announced that horror-comedy Tremors would be making its return to television with a brand new sequel/soft reboot series. And the best part? Kevin Bacon has returned to the franchise to reprise his role from the 1990 cult classic.

This won’t be the first time Tremors has graced the small screen, either. In 2003, the Syfy (when it was called Sci-Fi Channel) aired a short-lived and highly underrated spin-off series from the original film franchise. Let’s hope that the latest incarnation fares much better than the previous attempt. But with Bacon on board, it should be tasty nonetheless.

The Vincenzo Natali-directed pilot episode will be set 25 years after the original film and is set to worm its way onto our screens in the near future.


Good news, folks -- we’re about to become reacquainted with our childhoods, 25 years later. In August 2016, Nickelodeon revealed that they’ll be returning to O-Town one more time for a Rocko’s Modern Life TV special, and it’s set to premiere sometime next year.

The upcoming special, titled Static Cling, will reunite original creator, Joe Murray, with the entire voice cast from the original series. Cosmo Segurson is on board to co-direct and the story will be set in the present day as Rocko and the gang attempt to adjust to modern life -- social media and all.

Rocko, the loveable talking wallaby, made his debut in 1993 following shows like Rugrats, Doug, and Ren and Stimpy -- all of which reportedly have reboots in development as well. It would seem that Nicktoons isn’t quite ready to let go of the past, and neither should we be.


Tom Selleck Magnum PI (Badass)

Between 1980 to 1988, Tom Selleck and his almighty, salacious moustache graced television sets as Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV, whose penchant for solving crimes and living the dream life helped make Magnum, P.I. one of the 20 most popular shows of the decade. It was only a matter of time before they rebooted it.

Back in October, CBS announced they had ordered a pilot for a reboot of the series, which is currently being developed by Peter M. Lenkov, who has helmed other rebooted shows like Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver for the network. He’s basically the master of modernizing classic detective shows.

Last year, ABC were also trying to develop a sequel to the original series which focused on Magnum’s daughter. Unfortunately, it never came to be. Let’s hope this one has a better fate, because we need more moustaches and speedboats on television.


Miami Vice Crockett Tubbs

Miami Vice is one of the most beloved American television shows of all-time, so when it was revealed that Fast and the Furious cohorts Chris Morgan and Vin Diesel were rebooting the cop drama for NBC, the news didn’t go down well among die hards.

This one has a lot of potential, however. The original show’s mix of police procedural drama, action-packed entertainment, and character hedonism is certainly similar to the sensibilities that define most of Diesel and Morgan’s work. Could this modern iteration put pedal to the metal and crank the speed up to 11? Or will it adopt a more grounded approach?

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out despite the slew of failed and underwhelming police procedural reboots to hit screens in recent times.


Jetsons: The Movie

The Jetsons originally appeared on our screens in 1962. The animated series, which followed the misadventures of a family living in a space-age future, aired for one year before its unfortunate cancellation. However, years of reruns and subsequent TV specials ensured the legacy of The Jetsons remained present in the pop culture lexicon, and now it’s about to come back.

After years of toying with the idea of a live-action film, it was confirmed back in August of this year that NBC had placed a pilot order for a non-animated series set 100 years in the future instead. These type of situational comedies are better suited to television anyway, and a futuristic sitcom is always an interesting notion.

Back to the Future’s Robert Zemeckis's will serve as executive producer on the he series, which is set to adopt a “multi-cam” format.


“I am what I am, I’ll do what I want” is lyrics from Dido’s “Here With Me”, the beautiful opening credits music to the popular millennial teen sci-fi drama series Roswell. However, those lyrics are also reflective of the attitudes held by those pesky, creatively bankrupt TV executives taking liberties with our old favorite shows. Just kidding, this could be good.

CW’s Roswell reboot has been ordered for a pilot and promises to have an “immigration twist.” Aliens have regularly served as a metaphor for immigration or outside invaders in the realm of sci-fi entertainment, and in the current divided political climate of which the immigration debate is a hot talking point, a new Roswell series could be more relevant than the original.

Another reason to be excited for the new Roswell is the involvement of Carina Adly MacKenzie, who wrote the Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals.


Dead Ringers

David Cronenberg’s 1988 body horror classic Dead Ringers is quite the trip. The film, which stars Jeremy Irons as a pair of identical twin gynecologists, isn’t for the faint-hearted or easily-squeamish, but the prospect of a TV adaptation sounds intriguing.

Earlier this year, Morgan Creek Entertainment Group commenced their rebranding with the announcement that several of their properties would be getting remade for the big screen and the small one. Dead Ringers is expected to start life as a movie before receiving a sequel television series. So far, similar movie/series announcements haven’t quite panned out so well, though... See: The Dark Tower.

The company also announced that Nightbreed -- Clive Barker’s ‘80s monster movie which also involved Cronenberg in a rare acting role -- is also being developed as a potential TV series as well.


Mirror Mirror episode from Amazing Stories

When Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories first aired back in the mid-’80s, the show was a huge hit among critics and was even nominated for 12 Emmy awards. Unfortunately, the viewership wasn’t there so NBC canceled the acclaimed horror/sci-fi anthology series after two seasons.

Fortunately, the show garnered a cult audience throughout the years and is about to be given a second chance. The tectonic forces of Spielberg and Apple have combined to bring the show back to life as an exclusive for the latter’s streaming service.

Apple has ordered 10 episodes of the show, which will retain its anthology format and focus on telling horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery-themed stories. Hannibal and former American Gods Bryan Fuller is also writing and producing, so it’s perfectly good hands this time around.


Like the aforementioned Dead Ringers, the reboot of the 1988 western Young Guns is set to begin life as a film with plans to adapt a TV series afterwards. At the time of writing, talks are underway with an unknown streaming service to make it happen. 

Following the recent success of Godless and, to an extent, Westworld, westerns have been making a sneaky TV comeback. Should Young Guns happen, it could provide a fun and adventurous alternative to the darker takes on the genre we’ve been treated to lately.

Should this go ahead as planned, you can probably rule out Charlie Sheen making a return to the Old West. However, wouldn’t it be nice to see Emilio Estevez and co. make an appearance on horseback for old time’s sake?


Another reboot in the works at NBC is for the The Munsters, based on the ‘60s sitcom chronicling the daily exploits of a family of monsters living in the suburbs. The new take is being produced by comedian Seth Meyers and will be set in “hipster Brooklyn.” That sounds like it could either be the best thing ever or a complete and utter trainwreck.

This doesn’t mark the first attempt to reboot The Munsters, though. Back in 2012 the Bryan Fuller-helmed Mockingbird Lane starring Eddie Izzard and Jerry O’Connell was a noble and promising attempt that didn’t make it past the pilot episode. Hopefully this one will see a better fate.

No casting news or premiere date has been announced yet, but the show seems to be making steady progress with Jill Kargman currently penning the script.


Lost in Space

The original Lost in Space is a lot of fun, but Netflix’s scheduled 2018 reboot of the 1965 series of the same name has potential to be an improvement. With today’s technology and the quality of the streaming service’s previous shows, this has all the makings of an epic space adventure.

The original series chronicled a family of space colonists whose spaceship veers off-course from their planned destination. The new installment adopts as similar set-up, as a family find themselves stranded on an alien planet and they must survive the strange new world until they figure out a way to escape.

Several of the episodes have been directed by Neil Marshall, so you can rest assured knowing it’s in the capable hands of a genre master. Lost in Space will land on our screens in May 2018.


Unlike most shows on this list, Cobra Kai serves as a direct sequel to The Karate Kid, which will see original stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reunite and pass the torch on to a new generation of karate kids.

Cobra Kai takes place exactly 30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament and finds Johnny Lawrence seeking redemption by reopening the infamous titular gym where he learned how to fight. This reignites his old feud with the Daniel-san, who finds himself somewhat lost in life without Mr. Miyagi. Aren't we all, though...

While it’s undoubtedly a soft reboot to launch a popular franchise with a large nostalgic fan base, that premise does sound very entertaining and even emotional. We can expect to see Cobra Kai premiere on Youtube Red in 2018.


Twilight Zone opening title

The third time's the charm, according to the old saying. Well, in the case of The Twilight Zone, the first time was very much the charm as it’s arguably the greatest horror and science fiction show in the history of television. However, in this case of reboots following previous attempts in the ‘80s and the early 2000s, will CBS’s future third incarnation live up to the perfection of the original?

The fact that Get Out’s Jordan Peele is involved is a good sign. Plus we could always use more spooky anthologies in our TV diet. That said, with Black Mirror, you could argue that we’re seeing the best show of this ilk since the original Twilight Zone, so this upcoming reboot arrives with a lot to prove.

Are you ready to re-enter The Twilight Zone? Or would you rather revisit the perfect version Rod Serling delivered all those years ago?


Are there any reboots you're excited about? Sound off in the comments below and let us know how you're feeling.

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