TV Picks: Wednesday, March 7th – 'Face Off,' 'I Am Bruce Lee' & more...

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For everyone not looking to celebrate the 400th episode of American Idol, the first part of the night may be empty for television viewing. Fortunately, things kick into gear as the night goes on.

Celebrating the life of Bruce Lee, Spike TV presents the extremely compelling I Am Bruce Lee documentary from Facing Ali director Pete McCormack. To bring a little laughter in your life, Psych is coming on strong, with William Shatner returning as Julia's father. And for all the sci-fi (and Syfy) fans, Face Off's penultimate episode forces the remaining contestants take on a prehistoric look.


I Am Bruce Lee (Spike)


Happy Endings - "The Kerkovich Way" (ABC)


Face Off - "Dinoplasty" (Syfy)

Psych - "Heeeeere's Lassie!" (USA)


You can check out the episodes descriptions and trailers for our TV picks below:

I Am Bruce Lee Preview

Directed by Pete McCormack (Facing Ali, Uganda Rising), I Am Bruce Lee offers a compelling and visually stunning uncovering of Lee’s life, his enormous impact, and his ever-expanding legacy in the world of martial arts, entertainment, and beyond—despite his tragic and sudden death at the age of 32.



Happy Endings - "The Kerkovich Way" Preview

A panicked Alex enlists Jane's help in convincing Dave that something he's certain happened never did, but will they succeed? Meanwhile, Penny and Max are determined to finally beat an annoyingly perfect couple (Morgan Walsh as Julie, Brice Williams as Justin) in the annual Rosalita's Run and Scavenger Hunt.

Happy Endings - The Kerkovich Way


Face Off - "Dinoplasty" Preview

The contestants face a challenge that's prehistoric as Cleve Hall of Monster Man makes a guest appearance!


Psych - "Heeeeere's Lassie!" Preview

After Lassiter moves into a new condominium building and strange things start happening to him, he is forced to hire Shawn and Gus to figure out what could be causing the supposed paranormal disturbance.Louis Gossett Jr., Sara Rue and William Shatner guest star.



So the question remains… What will you be watching tonight?

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