TV Picks: Wednesday, June 6th – ‘Royal Pains’, ‘Necessary Roughness’ & More

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Continuing this week's "calm before the storm," the summer television season is slowly starting with the return of Royal Pains and Necessary Roughness on USA. For those hoping for a full night of TV, you'll have to go deep into the cable lineup.

Battling his future grandson Andros in the year 2099, Tony Stark calls on Hawkeye and Black Widow's for help in Iron Man: Armored Adventures; Adam Richman takes a healthy break from Man vs. Food to find the best of the US in Adam Richman's Best Sandwich of America; and Morgan Freeman takes us Through the Wormhole to find out if there is a superior race.

6:00pmE3 2012 Live - Day 3 (G4)

8:30pmIron Man: Armored Adventures (Nicktoons)

9:00pmAdam Richman's Best Sandwich of America Northeast (Travel)Royal Pains (USA)

10:00pmNecessary Roughness (USA)Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman (Science)

You can check out the episodes descriptions and trailers for our TV picks below:


G4 Special: E3 2012 Live - "Day" 3 Preview

G4's E3 2011 LIVE show on Wednesday focuses on exclusive hands on demos and interviews from the G4 stage at the convention center. Coverage begins at 6PM and runs until 9PM. We’ll have Live hands on demos of Crysis 3, Lost Planet 3, The Elder Scrolls Online, Disney Epic Mickey 2, and more unannounced games.



Iron Man: Armored Adventures - "Iron Man 2099" Preview

In the future, Tony Stark’s grandson Andros is Iron Man 2099. Except his time-travelling super-armor isn't designed to save the day, but to eliminate Tony Stark, since he believes Tony will be responsible for a catastrophe in the year 2099. Tony will engineer a computer system named Vortex meant to unite humanity, but it will instead cause near-extinction of all mankind. Now Tony must take down his own futuristic grandson with the help of Hawkeye, Black Widow, and S.H.I.E.L.D. while avoiding the future disaster at the same time!

Get More: Iron Man: Armored Adventures Episodes,Iron Man: Armored Adventures,Iron Man: Armored Adventures Games

Adam Richman's Best Sandwich of America - "Northeast" Preview

Adam will choose a region of the country, sample 3 of its top sandwiches -- and choose 1 to represent the region in the National Championship. In the hour-long battle royale, the 10 regional winners and 2 secret wild cards will go head-to-head, March Madness-style. In the end, only one will claim the coveted title of "Adam Richman's Best Sandwich in America."

Royal Pains - "After the Fireworks" Preview

After multiple competitive eaters become sick, Hank and Divya must treat them. Evan pursues a new business venture, and Jill has her last day at Hamptons Heritage.


Necessary Roughness - "Shrink or Swim" Preview

The Hawks begin facing problems even before the football season begins. Dani tries to hide her relationship with Matt.


Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman - "Is There a superior Race?" Preview

Are the races different on the inside as well as the outside? Is there even such a thing as race at all? Could advances in technology soon create a superior race of post-humans? Given the incendiary history of the topic of racial superiority, this is a hard question to ask. The answer may tell us where humanity is headed, what our descendants will look like and how they will think.


What will you be watching tonight?

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