Friday TV Preview Round-Up: 'Chuck,' 'Fringe,' & 'Supernatural'

Friday TV Preview Round-Up Chuck Supernatural and Fringe

This year’s seasons of Chuck, Supernatural, and Fringe – cult favorites within the “geek” community – have been a bit underwhelming compared to previous seasons. Yet all three series are still more entertaining and well-crafted than nearly all of the newest genre shows to hit the air (Once Upon a Time and Grimm, we’re looking in your direction).

Today, we have three video previews for this Friday’s respective episodes: Chuck’s “Chuck Versus the Business Trip,” Supernatural’s “How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters,” and Fringe’s “Wallflower.”


Chuck: "Chuck Versus the Business Trip"

Chuck Season Five "Chuck Versus the Business Trip"

After last season's excellent finale, Chuck hasn't exactly been knocking it out of the park. While the show is, as previously mentioned, consistently entertaining, there are precious few episodes left of the entire series (ten, to be precise), and not a whole lot has been happening so far in Season Five.

Fortunately for Chuck fans, the promo for “Chuck Versus the Business Trip” indicates that might be about to change.

First, Morgan is getting the intersect removed from his brain. This is a good thing. Second, the season villain (or so we're to assume?), Decker, is finally going to do something other than just “say sinister things.” Best of all, Chuck is going to assume Morgan’s identity in an attempt to stave off the waves of assassins who believe his best friend still has the intersect – a set-up that seems hilariously reminiscent of The Pink Panther Strikes Again.

Check out the promo for “Business Trip” below:


Supernatural: "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters"

Supernatural Season Seven: "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters"

Supernatural premiered this season with a bang but has, for the most part, meandered ever since (with occasional flashes of brilliance, of course). While we know that the main storyline of Season Seven involves the "Leviathons" and their collective desire to destroy all life, we as the viewers don’t particularly care because there’s no sense of urgency on the matter.

For example, why has the show been wasting time with Dean’s moral misgivings – killing a “good” monster, feeling immense guilt about it – and Sam’s anger toward him as a result? We don’t care about the Leviathons because the show doesn’t seem to care, and neither do Sam and Dean.

On the bright side, Friday’s Jersey Devil-themed episode has been written and directed by the very talented Ben Edlund, known for his whacky and awesome Angel and Supernatural episodes. Even though “How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters” looks like another monster-of-the-week episode (and not so much an overall season arc episode), Edlund’s direct involvement is good news indeed.

Check out the promo for “Influence Monsters” below:


Fringe: "Wallflower"

Fringe Season Four: "Wallflower"

While the last half of Season Three of Fringe was a bit too soapy for some fan’s tastes – and the first few episodes of this season were a bit too “meh” – Season Four has finally begun to hit its stride with the return of Peter (Joshua Jackson) to the main cast as a man forgotten by the world and all the people he cares about.

Last week, a lot of questions arose as to whether or not the universe featured in this season was the one we had become accustomed to in Seasons One through Three. This week, Peter begins his quest to find that universe – if indeed he isn’t already on it (beware red herrings!) – using “the machine” that featured heavily last season. FYI, this will be the last episode of Fringe until early 2012.

Check out the promo for “Wallflower” below:



Hopefully, all three of these shows will start to hit their strides again. As a fan of all three, I can’t help but get the feeling that we might be looking at the final seasons of all of them.

Of course, it’s guaranteed for Chuck. Even though Fringe is getting better, one has to imagine it’s almost incomprehensible at this point for new viewers. And while Supernatural fans are about as hardcore as Smallville fans – meaning it could keep on keeping on for a few more seasons based on fervent loyalty alone – mightn’t stars like Jensen Ackles move along in their careers if the quality isn’t there?

What do you guys think, Screen Ranters? Are you enjoying these shows or are you a little bit underwhelmed so far? Let us know in the comments.


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Chuck airs Fridays on ABC @8pm. Supernatural airs Fridays on The CW @9pm. Fringe airs Fridays on Fox @9pm.

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