TV Picks: Fri, Nov 9 - 'Fringe', 'Shark Tank' & More

SR TV Picks - Friday

It's Friday! Now that another television week is coming to a close, it's time to decide which fan-favorite series will help you kick off the weekend. And since most of them are airing at 9pm, you might need to use your DVR skills to fit them all in. Or just watch them later.

Tonight, Fringe has Walter sending the team "through the looking glass" for another piece of the puzzle; Nikita brings back Devon Sawa; Shark Tank shows off some mechanical suits you can drive; Haven finds Audrey and Drake, now back from Colorado, searching for the resurrection touch – and much more.

What will you be watching?


8:00 PMKitchen Nightmares (Fox)Last Man Standing (ABC)Undercover Boss (CBS)

8:30 PMMalibu Country (ABC)

9:00 PMCSI: NY (CBS)Fringe (Fox)Gold Rush (Discovery)Grimm (NBC)Nikita (CW)Shark Tank (ABC)

10:00 PMBlue Bloods (CBS)Haven (Syfy)Jungle Gold (Discovery)The Ultimate Fighter (FX)

You can check out the episode descriptions and trailers of our TV picks below:


Fringe – "Through the Looking Glass and what Walter Found There" Preview

A Fringe team member takes on a new role, and Walter follows leads to a key piece needed in the battle against the Observers.


Nikita – "Consequences" Preview

Amanda (Melinda Clarke) sends a rogue Division agent, Anne (guest star Sarah Allen) to spring Owen (Devon Sawa) from a Russian prison, but Owen manages to escape her clutches and sends a message to Nikita (Maggie Q) that he's free. When Nikita tracks him down, Owen is shocked to learn that Nikita is with Division now but returns to base with her. Michael (Shane West) and Ryan (Noah Bean) aren't sure they can trust Owen but Nikita stands by her friend.


Shark Tank – "Week 9" Preview

A young entrepreneur from Burbank, CA shows how his motorized vehicle suit can take you from walking to driving in an instant. Emmy Award-winning comedy writer Bruce Vilanch demonstrates how a virtual classroom designed by a Key West, FL entrepreneur can teach technology to Baby Boomers. Also, two grandmothers from Yelm, CA hope to make a sweet deal with their sugar free candy chips. And a man from San Francisco, CA tells the real estate-savvy Sharks how his search engine can find homes for sale that will provide high returns. In a follow up segment, Jeffrey Cohen gives an update on his Voyage-Air foldable guitar, a business the Sharks turned down in Season 1 -- but he later returned to the Tank and made a deal with Kevin O'Leary.


Haven – "Magic Hour, Part 2" Preview

After Audrey and Duke return to Haven from Colorado, they join Tommy in an attempt to find the woman with the resurrection touch before it's too late while he tries to keep his secret hidden by secretly sabotaging their search.

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