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RIP "Scotty": James Doohan has died

James Doohan, aka ScottyScotty has beamed up to that big starship in the sky. James Doohan passed away today at age 85 from pneumonia and alzheimers. From everything I've read and heard he was as beloved off-screen as he was on. It amazes me how the death of someone I've never met can hit me... I had the same feeling when DeForest Kelley (who I'm sure you know played Dr. McCoy in the original Star Trek series) died. Although you never physically meet some people, you can have them in your life for decades and come to feel as if you know them personally.

Superman Tribute

Click here to watch a tribute to SupermanThanks to my bud over at Filmrot I found a link that I thought was worth sharing with you. It's a tribute to the on-screen incarnations of Superman, and it's really well done. It's a Quicktime video (available in a variety of sizes) set to the theme of the Smallville series. You can get there by either clicking on the image on the left or on the link below:

Babylon 5 Creator Eager to do Star Trek

Babylon 5 meets Star Trek?J. Michael Straczynski, creator of the Sci Fi series Babylon 5, stated during a panel at Wizard World in Philadelphia that he would love to develop a Star Trek series, and did in fact pitch an idea to Paramount. Straczynski said:

"They're driving that franchise into the ground because they don't understand what it is,"
Straczynski, who is a big fan of the original (classic) Star Trek series also said that Parmount's reply was that they wanted Trek to sit on the shelf for a couple of years. In reference to that, he said:
"When the door is open again, I'll be there."
What are the chances Paramount will let him in the door? Source: Comics Continuum

Rick Berman: The King of Denial

Rick Berman, obviously confusedWow, this guy just makes it harder and harder to not bash on him. I have to say that the level of denial (or perhaps more accurately, hubris) displayed by Rick Berman in regards to the demise of Star Trek: Enterprise is truly mind-boggling.

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