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Justice League: Soft Core Porn For Kids?

JLU Soft PornCartoon Network's Justice League Unlimited has been cancelled (I believe there are about three episodes left) and with the direction it's taken, I say: Good Riddance.

My daughter and I really enjoyed the first two seasons of Justice League (the "Unlimited" moniker was added for this season's makeover). The animation was cool, and who doesn't enjoy watching superheroes flying around and defeating the bad guy/girl/alien? It got even better during the second season as they began to delve a bit more into each character's life, fleshing them out a bit and letting us into their heads.

ABC Moses Miniseries: Here we go again

The Ten CommandmentsLast April when ABC announced a big-budget miniseries remake of The Ten Commandments, it looked like they were going to take a crack at attracting Church-going viewers in April 2006. Of course since then, we've seen the results of NBC's The Book of Daniel which months before the show aired was described both as wanting to "honor and examine" Christianity and as having been "inspired by...'The Passion of the Christ'".

Now although my radar went up as soon as I read about the miniseries, I thought I would dig a little deeper to see what we might expect. I mean I could be wrong, couldn't I?

Fat chance.

Unfortunately (but not suprisingly), I found that we're in for yet another reinterpretive take on the Bible.

Apprentice 4 Finale: Randal Delivers a Shocker!

Apprentice Season 4 finalists Rebecca and RandalIf ever there was a neck and neck finish on The Apprentice, it was this season (Season 4) between Randal, the uber-educated, calm and kind business owner and Rebecca, the cool as a cucumber, broken ankle trooper and business journalist.

"The Biggest Loser" - Cheesy, But Inspiring

Matt, The Biggest LoserConsidering the rampant obesity in the U.S. the reality show The Biggest Loser is very timely. My family watches the Tim Allen comedy series Home Improvement and I have to laugh whenever he gives his co-host Al a hard time about being overweight. Compared to the average person today, Al is positively slim. Matt, the winner of this season's show lost 157lbs and dropped from 40% body fat to less than 3%. It was a rough ride and at some points it seemed like he wasn't going to make it.

Braga Still Blaming "Trek Fatigue"

ent-orbit.jpgIn a recent interview with Star Trek Magazine, Brannon Braga once again raised the mysterious disease known as "Star Trek Fatigue" which he and Rick Berman believe has infected millions of Star Trek fans.

"Each one of them had an explosively popular pilot episode and then the ratings steadily went down. We have this charted out. Each show got a little less ratings than the show before it. What can you attribute that to? Is it the quality of the shows? I don't think so."
Is there some rare form of myopia that only affects those in the TV and movie industry? Let me break it down:

The Apprentice Season 4: More Class, Less Profanity

apprentice-trump.jpgAh, the Fall TV season is on it's way... being more of a TV than movie watcher I'll have more to write about once again. Season 4 of The Apprentice will soon be upon us, and in view of last seasons lower ratings, Donald Trump has decided to step up and act like a CEO in regards to production. Apparently last season Trump had made some suggestions as to who should be considered as candidates and ALL of his suggestions where disregarded. He ended up with a bunch of candidates that he wouldn't want working for him. Although the idea of college vs. non-degreed seemed like a good idea (and one I suggested a couple of years ago), in reality (no pun) it didn't work out quite so well. In season 3 it seemed like part of the degree requirement at college was a course taught by "Miss Manners". For the most part the non-degreed folks came across as childish and foul-mouthed, while the college grads came across as much more sophisticated.

Stargate: SG-What?

SG-1 back in the good old daysIf find it sad to report that the awesome and amazing television show known as Stargate SG-1 has left the building. Oh sure, there's still a show filling the time slot with the same name, but Stargate SG-1 it ain't, and my entire family is in mourning. :-( The first sign of Sci Fi channel trying to milk the Stargate cow dry was last season's premiere of Stargate: Atlantis. It's not bad, per se, but the only character that's really captured me and become a favorite is Dr. Rodney McKay (played by David Hewlett). Other than that, eh. And now that it's looking like they're going to try to hook up Col. Sheppard with Dr. Weir instead of Teyla, I'm going to start to get annoyed with the show. With this season of SG-1 there is more milking evident. Richard Dean Anderson has left the show (for the record I commend the man for dropping out to spend time with his family), Amanda Tapping is yet to be seen beyond a brief video-monitor cameo in the season opener, a younger replacement for O'Neil has been brought in who is (who would have guessed) also irreverent and to the point. There's also a new female character whose name escapes me but is infinitely annoying, and one of the Bridges' brothers as the new general. And oh yes, those great opening credits and music have been cut down to just 10 seconds in order to make more time for... extra commercials.

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