TV News & Notes: Medium, Jay Leno & More

Today we have some news and more for the show Medium and the big late night talk shows. We'll talk about Medium's new network and the issues it has caused as well as which talk shows are doing well, which are not, and what Jay Leno's up to with his new program that will be exploring a different format.


When NBC canceled Medium, CBS picked it up and that deserves a big thank you for the ratings king..

When I started seeing repeats of Medium on CBS from last season, I just thought they were building up to the new season they were going to air.

Apparently that's a no-no because NBC still has exclusive rights to air the show until September.  And now they want to be reimbursed for episodes aired.

Odd.  My thought would be that if they dumped a show, why be concerned?  I guess there's more to the value of the show, even if they've dumped it.

You know what they say: One man's trash is another man's treasure. In this case, a Medium treasure.

Source:  Variety


The Late Show

The Late Show with David Letterman has been enjoying its longest ratings winning streak over The Tonight Show since 1995.  Additionally, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson has also been gaining viewers.

Do you know why?

Because Conan has lost 2 million viewers compared to this same time last year when Jay Leno was helming the desk.  Last year, Leno was pulling in 4.6 million viewers.

I never thought Conan was a good fit for the late night audience.  Heck, as far as I'm concerned, his shtick was almost on par with Howard Stern and it never really drew me in.

Source: News-Leader


Speaking of Jay Leno

Some details are coming out about his new show, the show they say won't be a talk show.

They'll be having one, maybe two celebrity guests a night.  Leno will also have a bigger set, some musical acts, occasional comedy bits and signature comedy bits that will lead straight into the news, with no commercials between the end of his show, and the upcoming news broadcast.

How odd... let's laugh at something that leads right into the 11 p.m. news that will probably be talking about death, poor economic scenarios and what not. I'm not sure that's the best approach.

At least Leno is realistic about his show.  He doesn't expect to beat the likes of CSI: Miami in ratings, but he does think he has a fighting chance when they go up against repeats.

Source:  THR

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