TV News & Notes: Heroes, Damages, HBO & More

Today we have a unique collection of tidbits that range from Heroes on NBC, some HBO delving into Sci-Fi and some popular comics coming to television.  I've also dug up some news on FX's Damages.

Heroes' New Cast Member

Ernie Hudson has signed onto the cast of NBC's Heroes.

He's joining the cast as a Baltimore detective, Captain Lubbock.  What little is known about Hudson's role is that he'll be looking for one of the other characters in the show.

Heroes 4th season will be introducing a new mythology about a traveling carnival, whose members have special powers.

This carnival will be run by a character portrayed by Rober Knepper. Oh great, Tea-Bag running a super powered carnival.  We're definitely in trouble.

Source:  THR


HBO Taking On Sci-Fi Programming?

Word on the street is saying that HBO is tinkering with the idea of bringing on some science fiction fare to add to their already exciting lineup of shows.

HBO has approached X-Files alum Frank Spotnitz about a medical thriller type show called Humanitas.  This idea takes place in a time where doctors can manipulate genes and create viruses, addressing various ethical dilemmas.

Spotnitz is also looking at adapting a novel titled The World Inside by Robert Silverberg.  It takes place in 2381 and humanity has exploded in numbers due to a culture of free love.  (Oh my, this already smells like HBO!)

Right now these are just ideas and nothing has been picked up, but it's promising to the sci-fi genre that HBO is looking to expand in this direction.  It could really help gather new fans who might otherwise not give the genre another look.

Source:  io9


Comic Books Being Adapted To TV

Along with AMC picking up The Walking Dead, NBC is looking to generate ratings in one form or another and though traditionally they've veered away from science fiction that might be too heady for their audience (or so they say), they have picked up a live-action adaptation of a Vertigo title - a supernatural based comic-book series titled Midnight, Mass.

Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts (Roswell, Pushing Daisies) are penning the project.

In a reflection of another, wildly popular supernatural themed show that's premiered recently, this one is about a globe-trotting couple (husband and wife) who solve supernatural issues and crimes.

Sources:  Sci Fi Wire


There Will Be A Season 3 Of Damages

There's been a question posed by a Screen Rant reader as to if/when Damages will be coming back.

After some digging, I've found out that when FX picked up season two, they also ordered a third season.  Filming for the third season will begin in September and Damages will return in January 2010.

Source: FX, HitFix

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