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We get a glimpse of Dexter season 8 via a preview clip and learn that a spin-off is possible; hear that Hemlock Grove attracted more viewers than House of Cards in its first few days on Netflix; learn that Criminal Minds star Joe Mantegna is supremely confident that the series will be renewed for season 9; discover that Yahoo! has acquired rights to the Saturday Night Live archives for exclusive online viewing; and E! is developing a spin-off of The Soup titled The Soup Investigates.

With Dexter entering its eighth and final season this summer, longtime fans know the end is nigh, but based on what we’ve seen and heard, the Showtime series will almost definitely go out with a bang. And it might even get a spin-off!

While speaking with Deadline earlier this week, Showtime president David Nevins revealed that a Dexter spin-off is a possibility, but it’s not something the network is actively thinking about yet. Although the mere possibility of a spin-off is intriguing and raises all kinds of questions, Nevins said the network’s current focus is on delivering a satisfying ending to the series and to the character of Dexter with the season 8 finale. Here’s more of what Nevins had to say:

“There are all sorts of possibilities. All kinds of ideas have been discussed but there is nothing happening right now. There are no plans to use any of the episodes in the upcoming season of ‘Dexter’ to set up a potential spinoff, and no ‘Dexter’ cast members have deals for potential off-shoot series. This season is about this season playing out the trajectory of the Dexter character.”

Viewers are certainly eager to see exactly where that trajectory goes after a shocking season 7 finale that left viewers with plenty of burning questions, like: Will Hannah be out for revenge or love? And after Dexter forced Deb to make a grave decision, how will it affect their relationship? In the above season 8 preview clip, we see that there’s an increased amount of tension between the two.

We won’t find out until Dexter season 8 premieres on June 30th on Showtime, but you can check out the preview clip above and the cast photo below to whet your appetite.


red cast 107 RGB 300 280x170 TV News Wrap Up: April 28, 2013   Dexter, Hemlock Grove & More

Source: Deadline

Despite receiving mostly poor reviews, Hemlock Grove beat Netflix’s other original series, House of Cards, in early viewings, according to the streaming service.

Hemlock Grove poster TV News Wrap Up: April 28, 2013   Dexter, Hemlock Grove & More

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told analysts that the Eli Roth-produced horror mystery series attracted more subscribed viewers in its first couple days of availability compared to House of Cards. The numbers have the company excited about the future of original programming on the service, which Reed believes will provide “a very nice redefinition and broadening of what Netflix is.”

With Arrested Development season 4 debuting exclusively on Netflix next month, the company hopes viewers will begin to associate the streaming movie and TV service with original programming. Reed says Netflix will debut six or seven new original shows this year alone, a number which will increase next year.

Netflix has already undoubtedly changed the way we consume entertainment, but if its original shows draw more viewers away from network and cable television, we could see a major – albeit gradual – shift in how we get serialized content.

You can check out season 1 of House of Cards and season 1 of Hemlock Grove on Netflix now, but you’ll have to wait until May 26th to see the 15 brand new episodes of Arrested Development.

Source: Deadline

We’re still not sure if the May 22nd season 8 finale of Criminal Minds will mark the end of the series, but star Joe Mantegna is very confident that we’ll see season 9.

joe mantegna TV News Wrap Up: April 28, 2013   Dexter, Hemlock Grove & More

While chatting with Zap2it, Mantegna let fans of the show know that he believes it will be renewed for a ninth season. Here’s what he had to say:

“We all feel very good, very confident about the Season 9 order that hasn’t come yet. I don’t even feel there’s any doubt that we’ll get picked up. I think it’s all been logistics, because so many contracts are up this season. Out of the seven actors, five of our contracts are up. And all of the writers’ contracts, and the show runner’s.

“This is the first time they’ve had to deal en masse with [renegotiating with] that many people. What’s going on now are the conversations between CBS and ABC, because our show is co-produced by those two networks. I think it’s, in a way, a matter of them ironing out who’s paying for what. I have every confidence they will, because every indication is that this show is a valuable commodity to both.”

Fans would certainly feel more at ease hearing this from a network executive, but who could question a venerable and talented thespian like Mantegna?

We’ll let you know when a report of a confirmed renewal or cancellation comes in, but until then, be sure to tune in to Criminal Minds every Wednesday @9pm on CBS.

Source: Zap2it

Yahoo! is looking to expand its premium comedy content and it landed a big partner this week in NBC Entertainment, which will allow the site to be the exclusive online home of the Saturday Night Live archives for one year.

saturday night live archive TV News Wrap Up: April 28, 2013   Dexter, Hemlock Grove & More

The archives include behind the scenes clips, musical performances and famous sketches from 1975-2013, which are currently available on Hulu, as well as other platforms, but the new deal will have that archival content removed from those platforms and promoted exclusively across Yahoo!’s network via a newly created hub. Current SNL season content will be available as well, but it will not be exclusive to Yahoo!

Yahoo! already has several original web series, including Burning Love and the upcoming Ghost Ghirls – which Jack Black was originally developing for Syfy – but the addition of the SNL archives is definitely a big notch in its comedy content belt.

We’re not exactly sure when Yahoo! will acquire the SNL archives, but we should find out this Monday, when Yahoo! holds its NewFront event in New York.

Source: Deadline

If you can’t get enough of E!’s popular comedy show The Soup, then you’re in luck because the network is developing  The Soup Investigates, a spin-off series designed to dig even deeper into the world of pop culture and reality shows.

joel mchale the soup TV News Wrap Up: April 28, 2013   Dexter, Hemlock Grove & More

Joel McHale (Community) will once again host the show, and like The Soup, it will revel in skewering reality TV, but instead of relying solely on outrageous clips for laughs, The Soup Investigates team will find the answers to questions that viewers didn’t even know they had, like: How does that rose get from the grower’s field to The Bachelor‘s hand just in time for the all-important rose ceremony?

The show seems to have a Daily Show vibe going for it and with McHale leading the way, it could be a lot of fun.

We don’t have a premiere date yet for The Soup Investigates, but we’ll let you know as soon as one is announced.

Source: THR

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