TV Executive Insanity: Help Stop This Terrible Disease

The Book of Daniel has been cancelled. What did it last... two episodes?


No, that is not the direct subject of the title of this column. Pulling the plug on that particular piece of garbage was more an effect of economics (advertisers bailing, affiliates not airing the show) than of any glint of sanity from the powers that be in La La Land.

Here's the tidbit that inspired me, from Reuters and referring to a statement by NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly last Spring:

"...Reilly told Reuters NBC's development of the show was inspired in part by the success of religion-themed novels like the "Left Behind" series and Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ."

Um... WHAT?!?

If ever there was a textbook example of the Hollywood Rectal/Cranial Inversion Syndrome (HRCIS), that was it.

That's like saying that the food challenges on Fear Factor were inspired by the cuisine on Emeril's cooking show.

These people are seriously insane.

I mean, really... do I even have to add anything to that statement?

Source: Reuters

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