TV execs dish out some tough love

Almost as long as TV shows have been on the air, actors have been bound and determined to show those corporate fat cats who's boss. Time and again, the actors have lost. Ever heard of Suzanne Somers? She's a classic example of why you shouldn't fight the suits. But many have, and still do. CBS got hit especially hard this past season with Everybody Loves Raymond, when all the major cast members except Ray Romano (who had just inked a record-breaking deal) stopped showing up to work in an effort to boost their salaries. They all ended up reaching an agreement, but the situation was very tenuous, to say the least.

This year, CBS almost had to go through a similar situation, this time with CSI, also known as one of the top shows on TV. (It often comes in at #1 for the week.) So, given the fact that you're a star on the #1 show on TV and you want just a few more bucks in your pocket, it shouldn't be a major problem to justify the raise to the suits, should it? Well, it depends on how you go about it. In the case of George Eads (who plays Nick) and Jorja Fox (who plays Sara), they went about it the wrong way, and they're both off the show as a result.

I'm a little surprised in several ways. First, I'm surprised that the CBS suits were so quick to fire major cast members from one of their top shows. Second, I'm surprised that the actors were so quick to bite the hand that was feeding them. In their effort to pick up a few extra dimes, they had to ignore the dollars in CBS's outstretched hand. Then again, they're reacting just like some of the other cast members. William Petersen, who co-produces and stars in the show, has publicly stated that he's unhappy with his salary (which is over $5 million per year), as well as the fact that the series has been spun off into CSI: Miami and the upcoming CSI: New York.

I suppose we all need to keep in mind that most actors, whether successful or not, are operating in a vacuum. They assume their problems are the only ones that matter, and that the whole world needs to feel their pain. Well, unfortunately for the actors who were just axed, CSI will not only survive without them, it will endure. Who knows, their replacements may even be more popular than they were. At the risk of sounding insensitive, it's a little gratifying to see that some of these egotistical actors actually get cut down to size every now and then. I just wish it would happen more often. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who thinks it's insulting to earn "only" 100 times what the average American family does is having a hard time seeing the forest through all those pesky trees.

Source: E! Online


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