14The Simpsons "Blame It On Lisa" (2002)

Simpsons Blame it on Lisa Homer Rio Kidnap

While considered pretty tame and safe these days, there was a time when The Simpsons was a genuinely controversial show.

One of the biggest controversies The Simpsons caused was in 2002, with the season 13 episode “Blame it on Lisa”. In the episode, the Simpson family travel to Brazil in search

of Lisa's missing pen pal. There were plenty of jokes made about the setting and culture and the Brazilian media took offense.

They accused the show of misrepresenting their country by using incorrect cliches and stereotypes. Riotur, the tourist board for Rio de Janeiro soon were threatening to sue Fox over the episode and even the Brazilian president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, weighed in, commenting that it brought a “distorted vision of Brazilian reality."

Producer James L. Brooks later apologized in a formal statement, adding a tongue-in-cheek line about Cardoso taking on Homer Simpson on Fox's Celebrity Boxing to settle the matter.

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