19Ana Lucia Cortez (Michelle Rodriguez) - Lost

Michelle Rodriguez as Ana Lucia Cortez in Lost

Like many young stars, Michelle Rodriguez struggled with alcoholism and other personal issues during her ascent to stardom. By the time she was 25, the actress had been arrested for a physical altercation with a roommate, drunk driving, driving with a suspended license, and a hit-and-run incident.

In the midst of

those darker days, Rodriguez scored a guest spot in the first season of Lost that turned into her being added to the main cast for season two. During her brief tenure filming Lost in Hawaii as former LAPD officer Ana Lucia Cortez, Rodriguez's problems continued, being pulled over by local police multiple times for speeding and eventually getting charged with another DUI.

That arrest, followed by Cortez's death on the show, led to speculation that Rodriguez's off-screen behavior was the cause for her character being killed off. Producers later disputed this, saying that it was just a coincidence and that Rodriguez only ever wanted to do a single season. Whether they were just covering for her or whether Cortez's death was always intended to happen when it did, there's no denying that Rodriguez chose to end Cortez's life by leaving the show.

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