'Turn' Trailer: AMC's Story of Spies & American Revolution

AMC's 'Turn' Trailer Released

AMC’s new period drama Turnwill follow the story of real-life Abraham Woodhull and the Culper Spy Ring, a group of American spies working under George Washington during the American Revolution in 1778. The show will be based on the non-fiction book Washington’s Spies by Alexander Rose.

Woodhull (who went by the alias "Samuel Culper Sr.") and his spy group operated in New York and were responsible for providing intelligence about the British to General Washington. They conducted covert operations using invisible ink and coded messages. The group was active till the end of the war.

Thetrailer is the first look at how director Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) and writer Craig Silverstein (Nikita) are going to portray the story. And although the trailer is very brief, it looks like the show will be action packed and fast paced.

AMC's 'Turn' Trailer Released

The series stars Jamie Bell (Jumper) alongside a myriad of other well to do television actors. The names behind the project may not have us on the edge of our seats, but there is an interesting story to be told here and AMC knows a thing or two about cranking out quality original programming (i.e. Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead to name only a few).

Let’s hope that Turn follows suit. The story alone is ripe with drama, intrigue, and insight into a side of the Revolutionary War that is seldom portrayed, not to mention a fresh take on the spy genre in general. With the release of the new trailer, it may be worth giving this one a shot.

At the same time, having a great historical basis does not guarantee the success of a show. Even with an impressive true story foundation for the show, Turn could end up being another spy drama that falls short of viewer expectations. And just because AMC has created some groundbreaking shows in the past doesn't mean they’re infallible - they've produced flops just like everyone else. Either way, viewers will decide for themselves when the show finally airs. And hopefully it will live up to its potential.


AMC’s Turn will air in 2014.

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