Lego Batman & Joker Make Turkish Airlines Safety Video Awesome

Take a look at this new safety video from Turkish Airlines featuring the cast of The LEGO Movie and many other famous (plastic) faces. For many years, arguably the biggest challenge facing airline companies has been how to encourage passengers to actually pay attention to the in-flight safety instructions. In a world of smartphones and endless distractions, a laminated sheet of A4 in the seat pocket and a quick demonstration from a steward simply doesn't cut it and airlines are going to increasingly elaborate efforts to get their message across. None more so than Turkish Airlines who released a safety video a number of years ago that starred the Manchester United first team squad.

And while Wayne Rooney and co. certainly made a star-studded impact on Turkish Airlines passengers, not even they have the worldwide mainstream appeal of LEGO. The Danish toy company may not have flourished financially in recent years but it has experienced significant success on the big screen, with 2014's The LEGO Movie and 2017's The LEGO Batman Movie proving highly popular. The LEGO Ninjago Movie was also released last year, albeit to a less enthusiastic reception, and two more movies are currently in development: a direct sequel to the original and The Billion Brick Race.

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Upping their game considerably from soccer players awkwardly blowing up life jackets, Turkish Airlines have now employed the power of the LEGO movie franchise to deliver their flight safety instructions. The video, recently uploaded to YouTube (watch it above), stars Emmet and Wyldstyle who claim to be "between movies" right now.

Batman in The LEGO Batman Movie promo poster

Also making an appearance are the Batman gang, complete with 'No Smoking' Bat-Signal, a teddy bear-clutching Green Lantern and Superman, who helpfully uses his power of flight to point out the plane's emergency exits. Of course, it wouldn't be a LEGO movie without an impossibly catchy song and the video doesn't disappoint in that department either.

In terms of taking a dull subject and making it entertaining, Turkish Airlines have entirely succeeded with their The LEGO Movie themed safety video and, given that it probably would've been enough to just have Emmet and the gang appear on screen, the script is surprisingly funny, delivering the kind of subtle and self-aware humor that made the movies themselves so popular. Emmet's attempt to be sincere at the end of video is a particular highlight.

Quite how elaborate these airline safety videos will get is anybody's guess but Turkish Airlines are certainly putting the pressure on rival companies to step up their efforts. This latest video also definitively proves, as if any further proof was needed, that everything is better with LEGO.

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Source: Turkish Airlines

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