Tully Trailer: Charlize Theron Does Battle With Motherhood

Charlize Theron battles diapers, school trips, and battered dreams in a new trailer for Tully, the film from director Jason Reitman. The new film follows the lane of social commentary and surprisingly uplifting takes on serious topics from Reitman, most known for Juno, Thank You For Smoking and Up in the Air.

Reitman's previous work, delving into the realm of social satire with uplifting commentary, has made a mark on the cultural zeitgeist. From Thank You For Smoking's Aaron Eckhart to Ellen Page in Juno, Reitman's comedies are wonderful markers that describe the human condition of the period that they're created in. The director has teamed up with multiple big-name stars for his indie projects as well, with Eckhart and Page being the tip of an iceberg that includes George Clooney, Jennifer Garner, and Academy Award winner Allison Janney.

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For Tully, Reitman teams up with his Juno creative team and another Oscar winner in Charlize Theron (Atomic Blonde). Theron plays Marlo, a mother of three who is gifted a night nanny by her brother. A night nanny looks after the baby while the parents sleep so that they can rest. While Marlo is initially skeptical of the idea of a letting a stranger into her house, let alone having said stranger take care of her children, she quickly develops a bond with "Tully" that seems to heal the rift of age rapidly growing inside herself.

The trailer offers an almost Mary Poppins feel, focusing on a magical woman who arrives in a family's life to seemingly bring them healing. Mackenzie Davis (Halt and Catch Fire) plays Tully in the film, delivering a whimsical performance. The nanny offers a thoughtful discourse to Theron's weary wisdom, providing her Marlo with an Instagram filter through which to see the world she lives in, which might - if the trailer is any indication - give Theron a new lease on life.

Films about motherhood and women aren't particularly unusual. In the wake of Lady Bird's critical success, chances are a number of them will be seen again. The prize of any film featuring Theron is her absolutely transformative take on the role she embodies. From her role in The Fate of the Furious to her award-winning work in Monster, Theron is an absolute chameleon. The actress's look and feel in Tully takes her from Hollywood A-lister to a relatable figure who you could pass on the street without a second glance. That talent coupled with Reitman's skill behind the camera should make for an incredible film.

Tully stars Theron as Marlo and Davis as Tully. They're joined by Ron Livingston, Mark Duplass, Elaine Tan, Maddie Dixon Porter, Colleen Wheeler, and Emily Haine. The film brings Reitman and Juno scribe Diablo Cody back to the big screen in what could almost be the anti-Juno but with far more heart.


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  • Tully (2018) release date: May 04, 2018
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