Must See Clips from Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Every few years a really good, basically unknown, film hits the wires and gets my attention. I’m not talking mainstream stuff like Batman Begins or Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m referring to the lesser-known, lower-budget and lower-marketed films that deserve to reach a wider audience for being original, funny or cool. Last year that movie for me was a tossup between The Hurt Locker and Ink. This year, it looks like my sleeper favorite is going to be Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.

Back in November, we put up the hilarious red band trailer for Tucker & Dale vs. Evil and if you haven’t watched it yet, then watch it HERE. It’s a definite must see.  Written and directed by Eli Craig, who’s only claim to fame so far is being the son of The Flying Nun Sally Field, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil could be the movie that puts him on the map. He may not reach mainstream success with this film, but I have a feeling that it will quickly become a cult favorite.

Today we have clips from the movie, courtesy of our friends at Bloody Disgusting, and each of them is quite funny.  My favorite line so far is delivered by Tucker when he says “Hurry up, my face is as hot as a hemorrhoid right now.” HA! I’m chuckling just writing that line. Tucker and Dale are just two down-to-earth hillbilly guys that want nothing more than to spend time at their new cabin in the woods, fixing it up and enjoying nature. Craig turns the slasher hillbilly stereotype on its ear by making them the good guys that are misunderstood solely on their looks.

The college kids in the film are the bad guys here, and after a series of unfortunate events, start killing themselves one by one while trying to “rescue” their friend from the clutches of Tucker and Dale. This causes our intrepid backwoods fellas to think something horrible is going on and that the kids have formed some sort of suicide pact.

Watch the clips below and enjoy:

I’m really looking forward to watching this and if you're going to be at Sundance this year, then you will have a chance to watch the world premier of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. The movie stars Alan Tudyk (Serenity), Tyler Labine (Zac and Miri make a Porno), Katrina Bowden (Sex Drive), Chelan Simmons (Final Destination 3), and Brandon Jay McLaren (Tron Legacy).

What do you think of the new clips and are you looking forward to seeing the film?

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil opens in theaters sometime in 2010.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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