Tuca & Bertie: 10 Quotes About Friendship That Are Way Too Relatable

Netflix's newest adult animated comedy is all about friendship. Tuca & Berti follows the manically colorful exploits of two bird-women who happen to be best friends. Their friendship has spanned new phases of life and the show closely watches that relationship continue to evolve. Chronically anxious worry-wart Berti is voiced by writer, comedian, and actor Ali Wong.

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Berti's boisterous party animal bestie gets her voice from Tiffany Haddish, also a comedian and actor. She's an author as well. With a cast that talented its no wonder the show is taking off. It's bizarre, playful, whimsical, and irreverent. This edgy comedy isn't afraid to tackle issues like sexism, mental illness, and sexual assault. It's a bold series.

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10 "Everything used to be so much fun"

We've all been there. One minute you are yucking it up with your best friend and the next you're faced with a world of responsibilities. It's a recurring theme on the show that Tuca runs from her responsibilities. She tries to ignore her problems until they snowball out of control. When Tuca begins to suffer from terrible stomach pains, she pushes on as if nothing is wrong. Eventually, the pain is too much and she succumbs.

This time in the hospital gives Tuca time to think about what and who really matters to her. She's slowly accepting that nothing can stay the same. We've all face moments in which we realize nothing can ever stay the same, even our friendships. It's the people who stick with us through these changes that matter the most.

9 "I worry about you and I just want you to be okay"

Anyone who has been in a long term friendship should relate to both sides of this quote. Loving someone means worrying about them. Everyone just wants their friends to be okay. Tuca and Bertie are so different. Bertie is anxious and organized while Tuca is confident and chaotic.

One thing they both have in common is a mutual need for each other. Despite their wildly different strengths and weaknesses, each has the power to lift each other up and get each other through a crisis. We all have what it takes to be someone's rock.

8 "I need you to keep me focused"

Life is hard, we need our friends. Tuca means it when she tells Bertie. When you've got a problem the first people you call are your best friends. The more personal and more serious the problem is the closer a friend you call. Tuca has a problem that requires her closest friend. She had bugs. Bertie is facing a minor crisis of her own.

A big presentation at work has her feeling anxious. She calls out of work only to be roped into taking Tuca out for bug cream. Both women face fears in this episode and they each have the same secret weapon, the support of their best friend. Sometimes it takes someone else to remind you to focus on your task and keep moving forward.

7 "We're a family"

Tuca and Bertie Netflix

Once you've spent a certain amount of time with someone or you've been through something together, your relationship changes. You realize that you're friends are often the only people to truly have you're back when you're at your lowest. Those close friends that show up no matter what becomes sacred.

Tuca and Bertie get it. They appreciate the fact they have each other. They see the unconditional love between themselves. The trust, love, and affection that builds between friends can often become a deeper bond. This bond is the heart of the show.

6 Love To See You Winning

Full Quote:

I am so proud of you. Last week you couldn't go outside and now you're doing all of this great stuff for self.

The only thing better than success is watching your friends succeed too. We all love to see the people we care about doing really well. Combined with a big external win, every day mental health victories are reasons to celebrate the other person's hard work. Bertie takes a break from obsessive worry to focus on herself. Tuca is thrilled to see her friend thriving.

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Nothing feels better than getting a little recognition for your hard work, especially when it's from your best friend. For a character known for selfishness, it's a nice break in the usual pattern. When Bertie isn't there to swoop in and save the day, Tuca has to take care of herself. Instead of feeling abandoned she's just proud to see her friend doing well.

5 "You're so brave wearing an item of clothing that's impossible to pee in"

Fashion is an obsessive topic of conversation among some friends. Tuca and Bertie are style soulmates. Each has her unique tastes and style. They both respect each other's fashion for its strengths and call each other out on questionable choices. This is a fashionista friendship made in heaven. Tuca is quick to point out when Bertie's calming cookie shoes are just too much. Bertie lets Tuca know when she's pushing criminally indecent.

This popular show addressed a fashion trend that has some practical fallbacks. Tuca shares the popular opinion that rompers are both adorable and a nightmare to pee in. You don't have to wear rompers to relate to loving your best friend's bold fashion moves.

4 "Since you moved out it feels like something's missing"

Those lucky enough to have lived with their best friends have felt a unique sensation. When your friends move out there's the relief of having more room and privacy but there is a hint of sadness and grief too. Even when not consciously thinking about it, you may suddenly become aware of the new quietness. You'll miss their coat behind the door or their car keys on the counter.

Tuca and Bertie may be ready to live in their own places but that doesn't mean it won't hurt. Tuca has a huge, vibrant personality that takes up a lot of space. Her absence from the apartment is sorely felt.

3 "You got a Jaguar? Are you crazy?"

One of the most important functions of friendship is to provide us with a much-needed second perspective. They know when to bail us out of a situation beyond our capabilities. Tuca is a brave lady. She knows what she wants and she gets it for herself. Even if that thing happens to be a jaguar.

Keeping an enormous jungle cat in an apartment is not ideal. When Tuca finds herself in over her head, she knows just who to call. Bertie swoops in to save the day. After the kitty is rehomed, Bertie even sticks around to help pick up the pieces. What more could you ask for from a best friend?

2 "You're my best friend"

Plenty of people may argue a best friend does not exist for every person. Each of our friends has a unique bond with us. Furthermore, most people have more than one favorite friend throughout their lives. Despite these facts, the phrase "best friend" still holds weight.

Who knows what the future holds for Tuca and Berti? Maybe they'll grow apart. Maybe something catastrophic will happen that drives them apart. Until then, they both know who has their back. They can trust each other to always be there. Best friends are a precious gift no matter their rarity.

1 "Can I come with you?"

Regardless of the darkness, a best friend is someone willing to stand by your side. Bertie doesn't know her destination but Tuca knows she wants to be there for her. Those 5 words perfectly sum up the magic of lady friends.

When you're at your lowest and don't want to be near anyone, your best friend is the only person you can tolerate. Best friends let each other grieve in their own ways. Tuca is a reliable friend who is ready to be supportive in any way necessary. She is Bertie's person. When we don't know where we are going, our best friend riding shotgun definitely helps.

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