Tubey Awards For The 2008-09 TV Season

This year, Bravo's Television Without Pity, Access Hollywood, TV Guide and MediaWeek joined forces and had a massive fan vote session called the Tubey Awards and they've recently announced their Tubey Award winners! The system works where fans vote on different categories of things that are television related and from what I understand, the votes were in the millions.

It's rather telling, and yet not very surprising, what people are trying to tell the networks. Below are the top category winners from the 2008-09 season that folks voted on for the annual Tubey Awards.

Best Programming Trend:  Single camera sitcoms.

Here's one we'll love:

The Worst Programming Trend: "Too many non-scripted series."  (Can you say Reality TV?  I knew you could!)  Another surprise top placer in this category was "Networks not aggressively programming Saturdays."

Worst Renewals: According to Jim, Wife Swap and Scrubs were the top 3.

Best Programming Move: Holding back Lost (ABC) and 24 (Fox) and others until midseason.

Worst Programming Move: "ABC giving up on Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money"

Best Drama: was The Sarah Connor Chronicles. (Good move Fox.)  It looks like The Sarah Connor Chronicles won multiple categories!

There are a ton of other categories, too many to list here.  If you're interested, check out Television Without Pity for a comprehensive listing of different categories.

Come back and let us know what you think!

Source: Media Week, Television Without Pity

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