Lucy Hale & Tyler Posey Interview: Truth or Dare

Lucy Hale is an American actress and singer, who has become most known for her career-defining role as Aria Montgomery on the Freeform series, Pretty Little Liars. Recently she has been portraying Stella Abbott on The CW’s Life Sentence. Tyler Posey is an American actor, who is most known for his work as Scott McCall on MTV’s Teen Wolf. He is also set to appear on the third season of MTV’s Scream. Both will be appearing together in Blumhouse’s next project, Truth or Dare, which will be released in theaters on April 13, 2018.

Screen Rant got a chance to talk with Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey on press day, where we discussed the pressure teens face with social media and the behind the scene chemistry of he cast.

SR: Guys, this movie was fantastic. So much fun.

Tyler Posey: Yeah. You think so?

SR: Yeah, but it's the most messed up game of Truth Or Dare I've ever seen ever.

Tyler Posey: Absolutely.

Lucy Hale: Probably. We've ruin it for a lot of people.

SR: Pretty much.

Tyler Posey: It was some crazy stuff.

SR: What's the craziest dare you've ever done in real life?

Tyler Posey: The craziest dare I've ever done in real life.

Lucy Hale: I went skydiving.

Tyler Posey: That's insane.

SR: On a dare?

Lucy Hale: It wasn't during a game of Truth Or Dare, but I remember my brother and all vividly saying I dare you to go skydiving with me. And that was like a year prior and then the date came up and he's like, well we're going and I thought he would forget about it, but I committed so I did it.

Tyler Posey: I can't, I can't talk.

SR: You can't top that? I don't think I can either. Social media plays a part in this movie and with the peer pressure of social media for teens nowadays, what do you want them to take away from Truth Or Dare?

Tyler Posey: Oh, interesting. That's a really good question. Wow. A maybe don't be..

Lucy Hale: I keep looking at you.

Tyler Posey: Don't, don't be. So like you can take, take social media with, with, with uh, in doses.

Lucy Hale: Yeah.

Tyler Posey: There needs to be a balance of, of social media and being in the moment and the outside world and, and kind of taking everything in. I feel like this, can be a good, maybe a good example of like if you, if you're sucking to to social media, you could die. (Laughs)

Lucy Hale: But there's also like the ending of the movie, which is, I don't wanna have any spoilers, but I think it's a metaphor for how quickly things can disburse on the internet. It's like wildfire and um, when you see any of the movie. For me, I take it as like a metaphor of where we're at in society and we're millennials are at with social media and that's why I love Blumhouse because they incorporate really smart things like that within their films.

SR: Absolutely. This felt like a new school, kind of like Twilight Zone type thing.

Lucy Hale: Cool! We will take that comparison. Yes!

SR: I've always been told that horror films are a lot more fun to shoot than, than like comedy or something else. Can you talk about some of the behind the scenes stuff of you guys just having a good time?

Tyler Posey: Ah, Man, behind the scenes were great so much on this show. I mean, we all really hit it off. I think that plays a lot into why they're behind the scenes were so much fun. Um, I think, I think when you from comedy it's like, it's fun on camera because you can like mess up and laugh. We didn't have time to kind of screw up. We had to make everything perfect.

Lucy Hale: That is what made it so fun as like there was such a high energy on set and we were literally always running around and you know, like the stakes were so high the whole time, which kept it really exciting time.  Like Tyler said we didn't have time to like sit around to do anything and it, almost, someone said it must've been like a play almost, because sometimes we got like one take on stuff, and we're like hope it works out. But yeah, there was and obviously the cast all got along, which was great.

SR: That's amazing. You guys have this, speaking of social media, there was these, um, these, like they call them like creepy instagram filters almost with those digital? And if they weren't, can you do those faces?

Tyler Posey: Absolutely.

Lucy Hale: You can do it very well.

SR: Oh man, that's...

Lucy Hale: But, so, mine doesn't look that great, but it, when we're filming it, obviously we don't have the face on, but it was all done in post production, but now they have a snapchat filter that does that.

Tyler Posey: How great is that?

Lucy Hale: It's come full circle.

SR: One last question is, can you sum this movie up in a Hashtag?

Tyler Posey: #Truth Or Die, Bitch. (Laughs)

Lucy Hale: I can't top that so there it is, bitch!

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