Truth or Dare's After-Credits Sequel Tease Explained

SPOILERS for Truth or Dare ahead

Blumhouse's latest release, Truth or Dare, features a little tease after the credits for viewers who stick around. We explore what it could mean for a sequel. Horror franchises are a long-standing tradition in Hollywood, from classics like Halloween and Friday the 13th to more modern series like Saw. Over the last decade, Blumhouse has made a name for themselves in the horror genre with franchises like Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and The Purge. After a successful 2017, Blumhouse is back in 2018 with Jeff Wadlow's Truth or Dare.

The movie follows a group of friends who get pulled into a deadly version of the classic game. With the players forced to tell the truth or die, do their dare or die, and keep playing - because if they refuse, they die - Truth or Dare puts a horrific spin on the titular game. However, the ending of Truth or Dare undoubtedly leaves room for a sequel. That sequel is potentially teased with a message that plays as the credits wrap up.

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Although Truth or Dare doesn't have an end-credits scene, the movie does feature the voice Calax (Gary Anthony Williams) - the demon possessing the game - asking viewers: "Truth or Dare?" Then Calax can be heard creepily laughing. It's a eerie ending to the movie, working to unsettle viewers that have stuck around. It also reinforces the proper ending of the movie and is a meta conclusion to Truth or Dare.

At the end of Truth or Dare, Olivia (Lucy Hale) and Markie (Violett Beane) are forced to either sacrifice themselves to end the game, or come up with another solution. Olivia chooses the other solution, using her online presence to post a video about the game, ending it by asking anyone who watches, "Truth or Dare?" As established in the film, once you're asked into the game, you're part of it. And the game can be communicated through electronics like text and video. Since Truth or Dare ends with Olivia's video spreading around the world, and inducting countless people into the game, she's able to save herself and Markie - but doom the rest of the world.

The message at the end of the credits works to reinforce the idea of potential Truth or Dare sequels following players who joined the game by way of watching Olivia's video to the end. Additionally, by the rules of the game as established in Truth or Dare, anyone who watches the movie to the end and hears Calax's message is inducted into the game. In this way, the end-credits tease is a meta, self-referential joke, with a creepy bent. While it may not be a full-blown scene clearly setting up a sequel, the Truth or Dare end-credits tease does add a fun supplementary element to the film.

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