A True Lies TV show reboot is moving forward at FOX with James Cameron on board. This would be only the latest in a long line of recent small screen reboots of movies, and it wouldn’t even be the first to air on FOX. The network is already home to a TV version of classic 1973 horror film The Exorcist, and a TV version of the Mel Gibson action franchise Lethal Weapon. FOX also aired a short-lived TV adaptation of Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report a few years back.

Directed by Cameron, True Lies hit theaters in 1994, and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as seemingly mild-mannered computer salesman Harry Tasker. Of course, this being a Schwarzenegger action film, Harry is actually anything but ordinary, and lives a double life as an anti-terrorist black ops agent. This is all initially unknown to his wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis), but when an operation goes awry, Harry and Helen both end up captured by a terrorist group. Harry’s secrets are quickly revealed, and it’s up to him to save both the day and his marriage.

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Arguably one of Schwarzenegger’s last truly great action extravaganzas, True Lies was a big hit at the box office, earning nearly $380 million worldwide on a budget of $115 million. Critics also mostly enjoyed the film, with True Lies holding a score of 72 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. With that in mind, THR reports that FOX has granted a TV reboot of True Lies a put-pilot commitment, with Cameron on board as an executive producer. Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim will pen the script, while McG (Terminator Salvation) is set to direct the pilot.

9 TrueLies True Lies TV Show Reboot is Moving Forward

While the THR report doesn’t specify either way, with this being a reboot, one imagines that neither Schwarzenegger nor Curtis will be involved. Interestingly enough though, it was announced earlier today that Curtis will be returning to another well-known role next year, as she’ll reprise Laurie Strode in a sequel to the first two Halloween films.

This actually isn’t the first time that FOX has adapted a Cameron-directed/Schwarzenegger-starring film property for TV, as back in 2008, the network premiered Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which picks up Sarah and John Connor’s journey after the events of Terminator 2. While Terminator: TSCC garnered generally positive reviews, the ratings weren’t great, and it was canceled after two seasons. Here’s hoping things end in a happier fashion for True Lies.

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Source: THR

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