True Lies Stuntman Dropped By Talent Agency Following Allegations

Eliza Dushku and True Lies poster with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Former True Lies stuntman Joel Kramer is now facing fallout over the allegations against him, having been dropped by his talent agency. True Lies costar Eliza Dushku - also known for her roles on TV shows like Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouseaccused stunt coordinator Kramer of sexually assaulting her on the set of the James Cameron film, when she was only 12-years-old. Dushku accused Kramer of "grooming" her and manipulating the trust of her and her parents.

In her post, Dushku accused Kramer of assaulting her in his hotel room during the filming of True Lies, and claimed that after she had told a friend about the assault he allowed her to become injured during a stunt for the movie. She was adamant that Kramer used his power and respected position on set to "lure" her to his hotel room, and to later exact revenge against the then child actress in an attempt to retain her silence. Whereas most prominent Hollywood players have struck an apologetic tone while simultaneously claiming ignorance of the deeds they are accused of, Kramer has been aggressive in his denial of the events, claiming that Dushku's accusations are "absolute lies" and alleging she made them up in her "imagination."

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Despite his loud denial of the accusations, Kramer has been dropped by Worldwide Production Agency. President and general counsel for the agency, Richard Caleel, condemned the allegations in a statement to Deadline saying they were "unacceptable" and "at odds" with the sorts of behavior they expect from their clients. He was also very clear that the agency was parting ways specifically because of the allegations.

True Lies director James Cameron commended Dushku for her telling her story, calling her decision "brave." He went on to applaud all women who have come forward with their own stories in the past few months, and then vowed that should he have learned about the alleged assault at the time, that there would have been "no mercy" for Kramer.

True Lies co-star Jamie Lee Curtis has also revealed that Dushku shared her harrowing account with her years ago, giving credence to Dushku's side of the events. Curtis said she was "shocked and saddened" by Dushku's story. She expressed her wish for new rules and regulations that may be able to protect child-actors in the future. Dushku's allegations were further corroborated by her former agent JoAnne Colonna, her guardian on the True Lies set Sue Booth-Forbes, and friends and family.

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Source: Deadline

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