Arnold Schwarzenegger Open to True Lies 2 & Last Action Hero 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger poster for Terminator Dark Fate

Acton star Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals he’s willing to star in both True Lies 2 and Last Action Hero 2. The actor broke the news while his discussing his latest film, Terminator: Dark Fate. In Terminator: Dark Fate, Schwarzenegger reprises his famous T-800 character, who first appeared in James Cameron’s 1984 classic The Terminator. Produced for just $6 million, the franchise-starter earned over $78 million in theatres, and allowed Schwarzenegger to pursue more high-profile roles in the action genre.

After Terminator 2: Judgment Day released in 1991, Schwarzenegger portrayed Jack Slater in John McTiernan’s 1993 satire Last Action Hero, and reunited with Cameron for the 1994 blockbuster True Lies. Three years later, Cameron released the pop culture sensation Titanic before moving onto the Avatar franchise. Cameron is one of Terminator: Dark Fate’s co-producers. 

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During an exclusive Screen Rant interview, Schwarzenegger implied that he’s definitely open to more franchise films beyond Terminator: Dark Fate. When asked about potential “legacy sequels” for Last Action Hero or True Lies, the action icon stated that he’ll follow the fans’ lead. He said, “It’s always up to the fans; if they demand to see another movie like that.”

But Schwarzenegger wouldn’t merely attach himself to a legacy sequel only because fans crave some nostalgia. Audiences would expect the usual action, of course, but the story itself is important to the actor as well: “If a script is great, I do it.”

At 72-years-old, Schwarzenegger’s legacy is firmly in place, but the stakes are indeed high for Terminator: Dark Fate. The film reunites the actor with Linda Hamilton, who starred in the original two franchise installments. Produced for $185 million, Terminator: Dark Fate features direction from Tim Miller and supporting performances from Mackenzie Davis, Natalie Reyes, and Gabriel Luna as Rev-9, the new Terminator. Based on early reviews, it’s still unclear if the new franchise film will become the latest mega-hit in Schwarzenegger’s filmography. Terminator: Dark Fate was written by David. S. Goyer, Justin Rhodes, and Billy Ray. 

Even if Terminator: Dark Fate is a relative disappointment, which doesn't seem to be the case,  Schwarzenegger clearly has the clout to make a new legacy sequel in the coming years. And if Cameron signs on for True Lies 2, then fans can expect plenty of bang for their buck. But as legacy sequels continue to be a thing in modern pop culture - a trend - it’s possible that Schwarzenegger may choose to sink his teeth into original roles that further boost his legacy. For now, he’s fully willing to give the fans what they want, even if it’s another blockbuster dripping with nostalgia like True Lies 2 or Last Action Hero 2.

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