True Jackson, VP Season 4 Isn't Happening - Here's Why

True Jackson VP

Here’s why fans of True Jackson, VP won’t be seeing a fourth season anytime soon. The Nickelodeon teen sitcom premiered back in 2008 and quickly became a hit with the network’s tween demographic. The series starred actress and singer Keke Palmer of Hustlers and Scream: The TV Series fame as True Jackson – a teenage fashionista whose sharp eye for all things sartorial lands her a job heading the youth clothing line at her favorite fashion company Mad Style.

True Jackson, VP followed its titular heroine as she juggled the demands of a busy fashion career with regular teen stuff like school and her relationships with friends Lulu (The Fosters’ Ashley Argota), Ryan (Matt Shively) and love interest Jimmy (Robbie Amell, The Flash) who just happens to be her boss’s nephew. After a successful first season, Nickelodeon renewed True Jackson, VP for season 2 which aired between November 2009 and August 2010. A third season followed in the fall of 2010 and concluded on August 2011.

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Unfortunately, fans never got to see a fourth season of True Jackson, VP. Here’s how the sitcom came to an end.

There Was Never Meant To Be A True Jackson, VP Season 3

True Jackson VP

According to several sources, Nickelodeon never intended for True Jackson, VP to have a third season – never mind a fourth. Though Nickelodeon renewed the show for a 34-episode long second season in 2009, the following year the network decided to cancel the show.

Rather than air those 34 episodes as originally planned, they reportedly split the second season in two with the final 14 episodes becoming True Jackson, VP season 3. Nickelodeon didn’t make any big announcements about it, however, so fans didn’t have any official confirmation the show was ending for some time.

Keke Palmer Confirmed True Jackson, VP Was Ending

True Jackson VP

A couple of weeks before Nickelodeon aired the final two-part episode of season 3, Keke Palmer confirmed on both her YouTube channel and website that the episode would be the True Jackson, VP series finale.

The two-part season 3 finale “Mystery In Peru” saw the gang head off to Peru to attend the wedding of True’s colleague and frenemy Amanda (Danielle Bisutti, Insidious: Chapter 2), and getting involved in the search for a stolen priceless jewel so they can claim the reward money and fund True’s own fashion label. True Jackson, VP ends with True’s boss Max Madigan (Greg Proops) retiring and promoting her to the president of Mad Style.

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