True Detective Season 3 in the Works; Deadwood Creator Involved

True Detective

In today's incredibly fast-paced pop culture world, it almost feels like it's been ages since True Detective arrived on HBO in January 2014, and proceeded to take the TV landscape by storm. True Detective season 1 was the network's biggest success since the debut of Game of Thrones, and was a magnet for award nominations and critical accolades. The series' central mystery also became the topic of countless discussions among fans, eager to see where things would go next.

Unfortunately, summer 2015's True Detective season 2 ended up being the definition of a sophomore slump, drawing widespread critical derision and lots of social media chatter about how underwhelming the series' increasingly-convoluted second act ended up being. Some wondered if HBO would opt to cancel the show outright after all the bad press, but the network assured viewers that the franchise was too valuable to lose, and that a third season would likely turn up at some point.

It's been quite some time since anything concrete was said concerning the continuation of True Detective, but those who hoped the series would get another chance now have reason to celebrate. EW reports that True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto has written at least the first two episodes of a potential season 3. Additionally, David Milch - creator of fondly-remembered  but short-lived past HBO drama Deadwood - is reportedly coming aboard to work with Pizzolatto, although the extent of their collaboration is currently unclear.

True Detective

That said, HBO still has yet to formally order a third season of True Detective, so there's technically no guarantee that new episodes will be produced. Realistically though, one imagines that with both Pizzolatto and Milch involved, HBO will probably not pass up the opportunity to make whatever story they're working on a reality. Interestingly though, neither man is expected to serve as showrunner for a hypothetical season 3, so that job remains open.

Another intriguing element in play is Matthew McConaughey who has expressed his willingness to reprise his fan favorite season 1 role of Rust Cohle on several occasions. One wonders if he might get his wish in a possible True Detective season 3, as his presence would only serve to remind viewers of how much they loved season 1, and further put season 2 in the rear view mirror - though that's assuming Pizzolatto and Milch are willing to break from the TV show anthology approach of seasons 1 and 2.

We will bring you more information on the potential True Detective season 3 as it becomes available.

Source: EW

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