'True Detective' Season 2 Promos: How Compromised Are You?

Colin Farrell in True Detective Season 2

The new season of HBO’s critically adored anthology drama True Detective is nearly here with the premiere of its second season set for June 21st, and to get audiences ready the network has released two all new promos (this time with some actual dialogue in one of them), which you can watch above and below.

Starring Taylor Kitsch, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn, the new season will be set in Los Angeles and feature none of the occult themes of the first season, with episodes directed by the likes of Justin Lin, among others.

With its premiere set for June, it’s clear the primary focus of the show has changed for HBO. Coming out of season one, the network was all about turning the drama into its next Sopranos, i.e. turning it into a show that made the network a commander of critical praise and, more importantly, Emmy gold. The network was so adamant about this, in fact, that it sought some major A-list talent to star in the new season, including the likes of Jessica Chastain and Brad Pitt. However, when neither McConaughey nor Harrelson walked away with trophies for their efforts last year, the entire strategy had to change.

Without the ability to guarantee a gold statue, HBO was back to using a pool of actors that are good, but more in need of a career boost than they are a transition into television. That’s ultimately what led us to the cast we now have. It’s a good cast that has potential to deliver, but it’s certainly not the one HBO was gaming for at the beginning of season two’s development. HBO wanted Oscars, but it ended up with Oscars-lite.

That said, there’s hope yet for the new season of True Detective because its move to summer means the pressure’s off. It won’t even be eligible for Emmys again until 2016 (the cut-off for the 2015 nominations being May). All the show has to do now is be a good series, not 'the follow-up to one of the greatest first seasons of any show ever.' In addition, this season is operating much more like a standard television series with its multiple directors now at play… whether or not this will work for against the series in the new season remains to be seen, however.

True Detective premieres Sunday, June 21st at 9pm on HBO.

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