The first season of HBO’s smash hit anthology series, True Detective, ended up not only becoming a pop culture phenomenon, but also critically received as one of the best seasons of television in recent memory. With Hollywood actors like Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey as the two leads and some of the best writing to come from a crime show since The Wire, the series gained a fan following so devoted, they tracked every clue and background symbol trying to find out who ‘the Yellow King’ really was.

While the season finale disappointed some, the second season – set to take place in a different time period, city, and following an entirely new story and set of characters – still has quite a lot of expectations and hype going into it. The first teaser for the upcoming season debuted a few weeks ago giving audiences their first look at the show’s new set of lead characters (played by Rachel McAdams, Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch, and Vince Vaughn) as well as hinting at the seedy L.A. underground fans can expect from the new season.

Today, the True Detective Twitter account revealed three new motion posters promoting the upcoming season. With the second season set to dive full force into the Los Angeles underground – the new posters definitely give off an eerie tone reminiscent of the kind surrounding Louisiana in the first season.

Check out the motion posters below:

The new season of True Detective follows three police officers (McAdams, Farrell, and Kitsch) and a career-criminal (Vaughn) as a homicide sends them working through a web of conspiracy. Farrell will play the grizzled detective Ray Velcoro, who’s had a tough time balancing his professional and personal lives – and has an interesting connection to Vaughn’s Frank Semyon, a career-criminal whose future as a straight businessman is threatened by a suspicious murder.

McAdams factors into the story as Ani Bezzerides, a sheriff’s detective with a troubled upbringing having a hard time remaining optimistic about her job. Kitsch’s Paul Woodrugh is said to be a former veteran and detective who stumbles upon the crime that sets off the events of the rest of the season.

True Detective Season 2 Rachel McAdams True Detective Season 2 Motion Posters: We Get the World We Deserve

Unlike the first season of the series (which was all directed by Jane Eyre director Cary Fukunaga) the new season will have multiple directors with Fast and Furious‘ Justin Lin helming the first few episodes of the season. While this has been enough to cause some worry among fans – the teaser seemed to show the kind of gritty and introspective tone that the first season sported, hopefully putting some fans’ concerns to rest.

Whether or not this new season of True Detective will live up to die-hard fans’ expectations is still unknown, but even though there are plenty of similarities aesthetically, it has seemed, from the very start… different. That might upset some fans, but will most likely prove a wise choice by creator Nic Pizzolatto. Even if it won’t stop the comparisons between the two seasons, it will be hard for fans to criticize a different follow-up as harshly.

After all, they can’t fault a season just for being different (right?).

True Detective Season 2 premieres Sunday June 21st on HBO.

Source: Twitter

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