'True Detective' Season 2 Casts 'Dexter' Alum C.S. Lee

Dexter alum C.S. Lee joins True Detective season 2 cast

Now with production underway, the journey of True Detective’s second season casting has finally come to an end… for its main characters anyway. The cast of the crime drama anthology series' sophomore season is led by Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, and Vince Vaughn, with folk such as Kelly Reilly (Black Box) taking on key supporting roles.

While the show may have found its new leads, it’s far from done searching for supporting characters to fill in the gaps; and one of the latest hires is no amateur to the premium cable TV show game, either.

According to THR, C.S. Lee has signed on for a recurring role in the new season of show-runner/series writer Nic Pizzolatto's broody crime drama. Best known for his work on Dexter as lab tech and work buddy Masuka, Lee will play Richard Geldof, a state attorney general with, reportedly, specific political ambitions. The character is further described in the THR report as being "smooth and polished [as well as] well-spoken and intelligent, with an unmoored moral compass."

It’s an interesting choice given how little Lee’s been seen since the end of Dexter; he's since only occasionally popped up in one-off roles for series such as Blue Bloods and Criminal Minds. However, Lee is a highly successful actor that, as we know, can play slimy extremely well. So, if the goal of his new role is to display a politician that lacks a sense of morality, we have no doubt he’ll be able to pull it off without issue.

True Detective Season 2 One Lead Actor

As for the series itself, it appears True Detective may not be the holy grail of movie actors just yet. HBO spent months courting major stars in a push that backfired the moment Matthew McConaughey failed to nab a best actor Emmy for his work in season one. Odds are good that was the network’s selling point to many of the A-list talent it was courting, “you come here, give us six months and we’ll give you an Emmy.” The second that fact became a falsehood, much of the network’s leveraging power was gone.

What the network should have done is gone after another actor that was in need of a dramatic push after years of sitting on the Hollywood sidelines; Nicolas Cage, for example, would have been an interesting choice. It’s something the series could have become known for instead of being the headquarters of second place casting (Kitsch was no one’s first choice).

True Detective season two premieres in summer 2015 on HBO.

Source: THR

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