'True Detective' Season 2: Vince Vaughn Circling a Role

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We're slowly, but surely, starting to form a clearer picture of the second season for HBO's newfound critically-acclaimed anthology crime/drama program, True Detective. Creator and series writer Nic Pizzolatto has confirmed that season two of the show will take place in California and that the season's new storyline (no connection to season one's serial killer narrative) has four "central roles" - two of which are reportedly being circled by Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch.

According to a fresh report from TV Line, the third central role - and hence, third male lead - in True Detective season two is currently being eyed by Vince Vaughn. The actor is said to be in "preliminary talks" for the part; by comparison, it sounds as though Farrell and Kitsch are (or, at the least, were) further along in negotiations for their respective roles. Nonetheless, until we get some additional confirmation and/or something official from HBO, it's best to not take any of these names as being set in stone for the next round of True Detective.

Having said that - Vaughn actually makes a reasonable amount, as a pick to play in the True Detective world, when you step back and look at his earlier acting work. Indeed, back in the late 1990s, Vaughn played non-comical lawmen in such films as Return to Paradise and The Cell, in additional to portraying less jokey or flat-out serious characters in such films as The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Clay Pigeons, and the Psycho remake.

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True, Vaughn's spent the past decade working primarily in comedy (to diminished box office returns) - but then again, Matthew McConaughey spent a lot of time in the 2000s appearing in forgettable rom-com material, before he began a career renaissance that has only been propelled further by his work on True Detective season one. If Vaughn joined the series, it would give him a chance to remind people that he is capable of doing more than just his standard comedy shtick.

As for the final, currently-unclaimed central role on True Detective season two, rumor has it that the character in question is a grizzled female detective - a meaty role, by the sound of it, which Oscar-nominee Jessica Chastain was once considered for. It's been mostly radio silence on that end since Chastain's reps confirmed that she won't be headed to the True Detective universe for the show's second season; judging by the state of things, though, we expect an update on that situation soon(ish).

We'll continue to keep you updated on development for True Detective season two.

Source: TV Line

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