TV News Wrap Up: 'True Blood' Poster, 'Django Unchained' Miniseries & More

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A new poster promoting True Blood season 7 is revealed; Quentin Tarantino discusses an idea for a four-hour Django Unchained miniseries; Mark Sheppard (Crowley) is promoted to series regular for Supernatural season 10; and FOX releases a trailer for its upcoming hospital drama/comedy Red Band Society, starring Octavia Spencer (The Help).


With True Blood nearing the premiere of its seventh and final season, HBO continued to ramp up its promotional campaign for the soapy drama this week, releasing a new poster. Take a look at it below:

true blood season 7 poster1

Over the years, the series has relied on cheap vampire jokes and puns to sell its supernatural drama to youthful audiences, but this latest Plain Jane poster is particularly uninspired. While the tagline's sentiment certainly rings true for fans of the show, let's hope the series' writers put more creative energy into their season 7 scripts than the marketing folks put into this promotional poster.

Join Sookie and the Bon Temps gang for one last go-round as True Blood returns to HBO for season 7 on June 22 @9pm.

Source: Variety


Despite not having a film to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this year, Quentin Tarantino held a press conference at the event this past week, where he discussed an idea for a Django Unchained TV miniseries.

Even before the theatrical version of the film was released, Tarantino had talked about the extended version that was originally discussed as possibly becoming two films. However, now that director's cut may become available to TV viewers in the form of a four-part miniseries, if Tarantino has his way. In his press conference at Cannes, he said:

“I have about 90 minutes of Django that hasn’t been seen so the idea is to cut together a four-hour version, but not show it like a four-hour movie.” [Instead, I would] cut it up into one-hour chapters like a four-part miniseries and show it on cable television. People love those!”

While there's currently no word on if any networks are interested in implementing Tarantino's idea, it's safe to say that only premium cable channels could even consider it, given the very hard R-rating that Django is saddled with. We're pretty sure Tarantino wouldn't want to water down his work, so if a Django Unchained miniseries did happen, it would most likely appear on a cable network like Showtime (which is currently showing the theatrical cut of the film).

Source: Deadline


Mark Sheppard, who has recurred as the demon Crowley on Supernatural since the middle of season 5, earned a well-deserved promotion this week and is set to become a series regular in season 10.

Supernatural Season 9 Crowley

As a recurring character, Crowley has been a memorable and worthy adversary to the Winchesters since being introduced to Supernatural followers in 2009, but the promotion ensures that the current King of Hell will have an even more significant role going forward. It's also possible fans could see Crowley cross over to the new spinoff series, which was recently announced after The CW confirmed it would not be moving forward with its originally purposed spinoff, Supernatural: Bloodlines.

Considering what happened to Dean (Jensen Ackles) in the season 9 finale (read our review for the spoiler-filled details), Crowley's relationship with him and his brother should take an even more interesting turn as Supernatural continues with season 10 on The CW next year.

Source: THR


One rookie show missing from FOX's upfront presentation earlier this month was the hospital-set drama/comedy Red Band Society, but the network gave us a look at the series this week with the reveal of its first trailer. Check it out below:

Based on the Spanish series Polseres Vermelles, the show stars Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer (The Help) as a no-nonsense nurse in the unconventional pediatric ward of Ocean Park Hospital in Los Angeles. The story of the bonds formed between high-school-age hospital patients is told by 12-year-old narrator Charlie (Griffin Gluck), who happens to be in a coma.

Here is an official synopsis for the new show:

"Although many young patients who are seriously ill make complete recoveries, that day seems a long way off for these teens. And as they confront questions of life and death which no one at that age should have to face, a kinship based on these shared experiences is created – a bond represented by the red hospital bands issued to them upon admittance."

Produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television, the series is written and developed by Margaret Nagle (Boardwalk Empire) and also stars Zoe Levin (The Way, Way Back), Ciara Bravo (Big Time Rush), Brian Bradley, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Nolan Sotillo (Prom) Charlie Rowe (Neverland) and Dave Annable (Brothers and Sisters).

Red Band Society will air Wednesdays this fall on FOX.

Source: FOX

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