'True Blood' Final Season Full Trailer: The Past Catches Up to the Present

The full trailer for season 7 of 'True Blood' shows Bon Temps entrenched in post-apocalyptic mayhem as Hep-V vampires run wild and the town points fingers at Sookie.

True Blood Season 7 Full Trailer

After seven seasons, HBO's True Blood is ending this summer. Throughout its run, the series has risen and dipped in the ratings, but overall it has remained a popular show for the premium cable network. No doubt in some part thanks to its gruesome violence and gratuitous nudity.

Despite the more recent seasons receiving lackluster praise, if any at all, audiences should expect an epic finale from the vampire/werewolf/shifter/fairy - you get the idea - series. After all, True Blood may have gone off the rails a few season ago, but its willingness to embrace the inherent ridiculousness of all its various plot threads and run with them to their outrageous conclusions has made watching the show compulsive for a different reason.

True Blood has gone full-blown soap opera, and by freeing itself from the bonds of serious drama, the show can go for broke with a premise as screwball as hordes of Hep-V infected vampires invading Bon Temps. No matter how strongly showrunner Brian Buckner insists these sick vampires aren't zombies, the earlier teaser and this trailer sure seem to sell that feeling of abandonment so often associated with post-apocalyptic settings.

Witness the mayhem and judge for yourself in the final season's full trailer above.

True Blood Season 7 Full Trailer

Not only are Hep-V vampires wreaking havoc in Bon Temps, but those left alive have leveled the blame for the mess at Sookie - again. She's fed up with it, and Anna Paquin can be heard at one point saying, "People blame me for what’s happened to this town. I can’t take anybody else dying because of me." And it appears this season is going to take that idea, the rationalization that all this madness has come to Bon Temps because of Sookie, and connect it all the way back to the series' beginnings.

At one point, Stephen Moyer's Bill says, "It looks like the past has caught up with the present," which could mean this season will reveal why Sookie has always been such a magnet for the supernatural. There's her sweet smelling, tasty fairy blood, yes, but the show has made it apparent there's more to it than that. For instance, a vision of her grandmother with the ominous message, "There is a purpose for everything, and that purpose will be revealed when the time is right," implies that whatever Sookie's greater purpose may be, it'll come in this final showdown.

No matter how HBO intends to wrap their sprawling, supernatural soap opera, expect the death toll to be high and the conclusion fittingly epic and over the top.


True Blood returns for its seventh - and final - season June 22nd, 2014 @9pm on HBO.

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