'True Blood' Season 6 Trailer - Humans Revolt & Warlow's Revealed

True Blood Season 6 - Bill Lilith

The True Blood season 6 premiere date (June 16) is fast approaching, and if there was ever a thought that the series would be slowing things down in its sixth year on the air, this new, full-length trailer reminds you, yet again, that anything and everything can and will happen to the small town of Bon Temps. This time, it's Warlow and the human uprising that has Sookie looking so stressed.

The 91-second-long trailer is a step-up from the numerous teasers - which, if we're being honest, have taken the latter half of the "Waiting Sucks" tagline to heart. It picks up where the True Blood season 5 finale left off, revealing the aftermath of the Authority’s attempt at supremacy, as well as the face of the illusive and, up until this point, mysterious half-vampire, half-fairy Warlow, who we know will play a major part in season 6.

Now that humans have been tipped off to vampires having an agenda, the state of Louisiana has declared war on the undead, and no vampire is safe from harm. With humanity taking deadly action against all vampires, the werewolves, naturally, have become concerned about whether this could ultimately lead to an attack on their packs, as “Gods plan to save the human race” could very well put their entire species in danger. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg for True Blood this season.

True Blood Season 6 - Bill Lilith

Aside from Warlow and humans, Sookie and friends will also have to deal with a powerful and angry Bill Compton, who previously drank the blood of Lilith and was reborn as a god, as well as Andy’s new fairy children, who have hopefully grown up somewhat from their previous newborn state. With so many events occurring at once, fans still return to one question: Will True Blood be able to maintain its character-filled storylines better this season than those before it?

After series creator Alan Ball left the series to work on Banshee for Cinemax, writer Mark Hudis took over running the show – though Ball is still an executive producer on the series. Unfortunately, Hudis, who has a development deal with HBO, decided to step down as showrunner two months ago, with longtime television writer Brian Buckner stepping in to the position last-minute. Though news of behind-the-scenes shake-ups isn’t at all comforting to fans who still follow the series, this season’s storyline, no matter who’s in charge of it, may prove to be the reason why people shouldn’t write off the series just yet.

True Blood Season 5 Finale - Andy

If True Blood is going to have humans face off against vampires, or any other supernatural creatures, producers will be able to replace the familiar “soap opera” elements - which, at times, leads to slow, drawn-out storylines - with actual action. Now that’s not to say there won’t be more than enough moments of Sookie contemplating for people to complain about. But in terms of story, if a species “war” is occurring and ever-present, the need for audiences to witness a progressing battle will win out over any desires the writers may have to write an extended, unnecessary scene with [insert your least-favorite supplemental character here].

Of course, this just speaks to the potential of an ever-moving storyline this season; whether it’ll all make sense is another matter entirely. After 6 years on the air, True Blood has a large mythos that they have to deal will and continuously maintain. Though it’s very likely that this battle will help simplify character relationships and allow for more characters to coexist in the same scene than before, there’s still a chance that the series could take a turn for the worse and that the showrunners' departures are indicative of a weak season.

If the latter proves to be true, the potential for a True Blood season 7 may very well be in question - even more than it currently is.


True Blood season 6 premieres June 16th @9pm on HBO.

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