'True Blood' Season 6 Brings Back Robert Patrick as Series Regular

True Blood Season 5 Robert Patrick

After a somewhat divisive fifth season that saw the departure of its showrunner, HBO's True Blood is headed into 2013 rife with risk and possibility. With new villains both seen and unseen waiting in the wings, it looks as if the lives (both eternal and mortal) of the folk of Bon Temps will be anything but boring.

Though the overall plotline of season 6 is still a mystery, it looks as if new showrunner Mark Hudis intends to pursue some of the dangling plot threads introduced by the last season. One such thread is that of Alcide Herveaux's (Joe Manganiello) father, Jackson – played by noted character actor Robert Patrick (Terminator 2).

Deadline reports that Robert Patrick will return to True Blood in season 6. Reprising his role of former werewolf Packmaster Jackson Herveaux, Patrick will become a series regular. Patrick has previously appeared in three episodes of True Blood season 5.

The casting announcement comes just weeks after the cancellation of Last Resort, Robert Patrick's previous television commitment. With further episodes of the ABC military drama definitively off the table and few active film projects (though he will appear in next year's Gangster Squad), Patrick has the time and flexibility to fully join the True Blood cast.

True Blood Season 5 Robert Patrick Joe Manganiello

While there is no word on the role Jackson Herveaux will play in the greater unfolding plot of True Blood, the show will no doubt follow up on some of the hints dropped about the character after his introduction in season 5. So far, we know little of the trailer-dwelling, washed-up patriarch other than the fact that he was apparently kicked out of his pack for stealing.

However, with his son now the Packmaster of his own gang of werewolves, Jackson may stir from his apathy to rejoin the community. Knowing True Blood's propensity for world-building, Jackson may end up being the focal point of some expansion on the show's werewolf mythos. Whether this will tie into the machinations of Warlow or the bizarre resurrection of Lilith remains to be seen.

True Blood will rise again for season 6 in 2013.


Source: Deadline

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