'True Blood' Season 5 Trailer Brings Explosions (And Vampires)

True Blood

It's time to get in that Bon Temps state of mind, as HBO has released the first official trailer for True Blood season 5.

Picking up from the True Blood season 4 finale, the 30-second trailer begins with Sookie digging a grave outside her house. Continuing with an unknown voice as voiceover, we're met with a series of quick shots (largely involving vampires) as well as some explosions. Of course.

You can watch the True Blood season 5 trailer below:

For True Blood, season 5 may serve to be the eventual tipping point with the fans. While the last few seasons of the hit HBO series have been largely hit-or-miss in terms of execution, last season's numerous concurrent storylines, ever-expanding cast and convoluted resolutions (or deaths – spoilers!) help secured the series a place in the soap opera category for many viewers.

This upcoming season of True Blood will both serve as the return of vampire nut Russell Edgington as well as the final season for series creator Alan Ball, so expect a few surprises along the way. And hopefully this season will find a way to turn things around for the long-running series.

Burn Russell Edgington - True Blood Season 5

Of course, the question still remains about the future of the series without Alan Ball in the mix. With each subsequent season of True Blood, the series cast has continued to expand, and so have the number of overall storylines. While both are truly lofty goals for any television series, True Blood has yet to prove its ability to competently present this type of storytelling. Well, not without a fairy battle and Quentin Tarantino sequence.

So, for all intents and purposes, unless True Blood can figure out a way to right itself during season 5, it'll be extremely difficult to see what exactly could become of the series once the creator steps away from it.


True Blood Season 5 returns in June on HBO

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