'True Blood' Season 5, Episode 2: 'Authority Always Wins' Recap

True Blood - Season 5 Chris Meloni

Picking things up from the final scene of the True Blood season 5 premiere, this week's episode,  "Authority Always Wins", begins with a recently-turned Tara attacking Sookie outside of her house.

After taking a painful hint from Pam (and her rules), Tara makes of mess of Sookie's house and forces her and Layette to handle their undead friend, with the help of silver chains and a slit of the wrist. Finally getting her settled in Eric's former basement habitat, Lafayette, standing over Tara, contemplates staking her.

Elsewhere, Bill, Eric and Nora, after being recently captured, find themselves at the headquarters of the Vampire Authority. Finding themselves in cages next to a former baby doctor vampire, the high-tech equipment makes sure that no vampire life is safe in their underground prison.

Attached to a special liquid silver drip, Bill is questioned by one of the councilmembers of the Vampire Authority. Holding an ancient manuscript of vampire text, the Vampire councilman wants to make it absolutely clear that Bill knows the position they're in: Humans are made for food, not for love.

Unable to eat from Marcus, Alcide is confronted by the former pack leader's mother. After telling the pack to find a different pack leader, Alcide makes him way back to town. Later making an appearance at Luna's house, Marcus' mother attempts to visit her granddaughter. With a visibly beaten Sam waiting then, Marcus' mother is turned away – but not before she stresses to Luna the fact that her daughter is part wolf. After making her exit, Luna makes it very clear to Sam that he either "has her back or not." Upon hearing a noise from her daughter's room, Luna finds out that her daughter has transformed into a werewolf.

True Blood - Season 5 Jacob Hopkins

Flashing back to moments of his military career, Arlene finds a sleeping Terry Bellefleur standing over her. After mumbling a warning, we begin to see glimpses of what may have happened. Later on, a brief pan-fire at Merlot's causes Terry to accidentally push Arlene against a stack of metal tray. Looking for answers, Arlene visits Terry's old war buddy. Leaving with just as many questions as she had before, Terry shows up to break up their meeting and to warn him that a former friend is not as dead as they initially thought.

Continuing to look to the past, we flash back to see Pam's vampire origins, how she met Eric and how she eventually became a vampire. Working in a brothel, it was Eric who came to her rescue, after a human attempted to kill her in an outside alley.

Still enjoying his recent conquest, the newly-studded Andy Belfour and Jason come across an abandoned vehicle on the side of the road. Containing a small vial of "V," Andy mends to fend off his need for the blood. Back at the station, Jason is confronted by the son of a woman he slept with. After being accused of breaking up the kid's parents and visiting Hoyt, Jason begins to realize that he may have lost his way.

Looking to still get ahold Jason, the recently converted Steve Newlan attempts to pry Jason's protection out of the hands of Jessica. Unfortunately, the Vampire Counsel's new mouthpiece wasn't able to make a deal with Jessica.

Attending a meeting of the Vampire Authority (while in chains), Roman (Christopher Meloni), the leader of the council, decides whether or not Bill and Eric lives. Before being able to make his decision, Bill promises to trade their lives for that of the recently released Russell Edgington. Intriguing the council, Roman accepts their offer for Russell's retrieval.

A shot of the healing Russell Edgington closes the episode.


True Blood airs Sunday @9pm on HBO

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