'True Blood' Season 4 Trailer

True Blood: Season 4 Trailer

It’s that time of year again. No, not just summertime, but also the time of year when True Blood returns to the airwaves and everybody – your friends, your family, your doctor, your cab-driver – starts making references to "Sookehhh" and the gang in an effort to be hip/funny.

That’s right, just one more month and the season 4 premiere of True Blood will arrive, which is probably why HBO is ramping up the previews and promos. A couple weeks ago, we had a talking heads promo and an episode 1 synopsis. Today, we have a season 4 trailer.

While season 1 of True Blood was almost entirely hit, season 2 and 3 have been hit and miss. The show is best when it’s a satirical vampire comedy with mystery, fantasy, and horror undercurrents.

It’s at its worst when it’s a melodramatic (to the extreme) soap opera - the likes of which you haven’t seen since Passions.

Check out the True Blood season 4 trailer below:

Fortunately, the above trailer seems to indicate that season 4 will be more of the former than the latter. In the aftermath of Russel Edgington (Dennis O’Hare) ripping out the heart of a news anchorman on live national television, Eric and Bill have been tasked with winning back the hearts (two types of hearts going on here, people) of the human populace. And, rather hilariously, they’re going about it the exact way they would if they were running for office.

No doubt they’ll be kissing babies at some point, too.

True Blood Witches Led by Harry Potter Actress Fiona Shaw

The not-quite-vampire-related storyline for the season will obviously have to do with witches, but you have to wonder if that will cross over into the vampire-related storyline, as well. Are the witches (led by a possessed palm-reader played by Fiona Shaw), who experiment with necromancy, trying to discover a way in which to control the “undead” vampires? And if they start forcing vampires to feast upon human beings in public, won’t that ruin the vampires’ goal of becoming increasingly accepted in humanity’s eyes?

For those who didn’t see it, check out episode 1's synopsis below:

Sookie journeys away from Bon Temps; Eric and Bill try to win back the human public; Jason learns that no good deed goes unpunished; Tara finds refuge in close quarters; Sam bonds with his own; Hoyt and Jessica debate the dinner menu; Jesus urges Lafayette to join a coven; Terry tries to alleviate Arlene’s fears about the baby.

Hopefully, we won’t see too much of the were-panther/dog-fighting storylines, which more than ran their course last season. Though, if the trailer and synopsis are anything to go by, we're probably not that lucky.

The season four premiere of True Blood airs June 26th on HBO.

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