True Blood Casts 3 More Recurring Characters For Season 4

With filming currently underway for True Blood season four, Alan Ball and company have spared no expense in bringing on new characters to fill the series’ ever-expanding world. In this round of casting news, Christina Moore (MADtv, Hawthorne), Neil Hopkins (Lost) and Chris Butler (The Good Wife) have all been added as series regulars, with multiple-episode arcs for True Blood season 4.

In this season of True Blood, Moore will play Texas magnate Suzanne McKittrick, who is described as a housewife who possesses certain abilities. With the McKittrick character stemming from Ball’s imagination and not the book series, there’s no way of knowing exactly what her “abilities” may be. Although, considering they simply reference McKittrick as having “special abilities” without reference to any other particular charters on the series, they’ll probably be a different category of abilities than ones currently seen on the series.

Next up is Butler (middle), who will play the uptight, conservative shapeshifter Emory. Like McKittrick. The character of Emory is a new creation with no known affiliation or relationship to anyone currently on the series. Fortunately, with the previous announcement of another shape-shifter, I have a feeling that he’ll somehow fit in with that story arc.

Rounding out this group of casting is someone straight out of the books. Neil Hopkins (right) has been tapped to play Claude, the twin brother of Sookie’s fairy-godmother, Claudine.




True Blood Season 4 Spoiler

As the books have revealed, Claude and Claudine are the grandchildren of the fairy prince. Described as someone of pure perfection, whom women lust after, Claude started out a stripper, but then eventually became a runway model, after altering his ears to look more human. With an interest solely in men, you won’t have to worry about Claude becoming Sookie’s new love interest, but there may be some foreshadowing done as Claude eventually moves in with Sookie, following the death of his twin sister Claudine.

Spoiler End




As I’ve stated previously, the continuous expansion of the characters on True Blood will certainly lend itself to fresh storytelling. Unfortunately, with season three of the series becoming a mess of mismanaged storylines and oversaturation of the numerous characters, I can’t say that I’m excited about seeing the new season follow suit.

True Blood Season 4

Sure, I’ll be watching just to receive some conclusion to the open-ended season 3 finale that Ball decided to deliver, but after that, it’s going to take more than vampires and shapeshifters to keep me tuned in.

A sentiment that I’m sure many will agree with.


True Blood season 4 will premiere June, 2011, on HBO

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