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With filming of the third season of True Blood starting you’d have to expect some more spoilers to slip out... and they have. While we’ve previously brought you a slew of True Blood spoilers, this time it may not be as many, but nonetheless, SPOILERS they are. You’ve been warned.

  • Sam and Bill get close – a little too close.

Fans of the show know that drinking the blood of a vampire has some “interesting” repercussions. Since Sam drank Bill’s blood at the end of last season, there’s now a connection between them. “Not just any connection, an erotic connection” says Ball.

Alright, Ball… maybe some information is too much information.

  • Unlike the first two, this season will have three “big bads” to replace the hole that Maryann left.

Ball says, “We have a triumvirate of evil this season. I’m talking about Franklin Mott, Russell Edgington, and Debbie Pelt. They are all bad to the bone. They’re not just crazy, they’re evil.”

In case you’re wondering who those three are, here’s a rundown:

Franklin Mott – A tall, dark, and handsome vampire who seems to have an “immediate and torrid” connection to Tara.

Russell Edgington - The vampire king of Mississippi.

Debbie Pelt - Alcide’s psycho werewolf ex-girlfriend. She is described as sporty and spiteful with black hair.

While Debbie Pelt has yet to be cast, we’ve previously reported on Thomas Cromwell singing on as Frankling Mott and Denis O’Hare as Russell Edgington.

Whoever does end up with the role will have more screen time than originally planned,

“We actually beefed up Debbie. She’s going to be in more episodes, so maybe that will have an impact on [what actress] we can get for her, which is a big question right now.”

  • Eric’s journey for the third season can be summed up in one word – revenge.

Skarsgård speaking on his character's journey for this season,

“I’d say it’s about revenge. He will continue to explore the whole Sookie thing and what that’s all about. He’s trying to figure out what’s different about her. He’s intrigued by that. And in addition to that, there’s something that happened a thousand years ago that he’s still carrying in his heart. All I’ll say is he’s trying to avenge someone.”

So, there you have it. Should be enough True Blood news to hold you over until more spoilers come out (and you know they will). Until then, what do you think of new bits of info?

True Blood returns to HBO in June.

Source: Ausiello Files

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