True Blood Season 3 Premiere Date; Arlene Leaving?

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Calling all True Blood fans! Mark your calendars because HBO has announced that Sookie Stackhouse and her cohorts of vampires, shape-shifters and werewolves will be kicking off their third season on Sunday, June 13th.

Last time we saw our favorite Bon Temps inhabitants, Bill Compton proposed to Sookie during a night out at a French restaurant only to have her answer interrupted by someone mysteriously kidnapping Bill with a silver chain.

In case you’re not able to wait three months for its return, check out what’s in store for True Blood season three with our previous spoiler posts.

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Is Arlene leaving Bon Temp for good?

Remember back in October, when Alan Ball said that we will be saying goodbye to at least one main character when the show returns? Well, it looks like we may have a contender.

Carrie Preston, who plays Arlene Fowler - the only reliable waitress at Merlotte's - will be a guest-starring for multiple episodes on CBS’s The Good Wife as Elsbeth Mann, a member of Peter's legal team.

arlene leaving true-blood

Considering that they’re currently in the middle of filming the third season of True Blood, does this mean that everyone’s favorite redhead will be killed off? Well, not exactly.

Even though they’re in the midst of filming, this new role on The Good Wife doesn’t mean that Arlene will be getting the axe. Anyone who’s read the Sookie Stackhouse books will tell you that Arlene doesn’t play that big of a part in the third book (which season three is based on) because the majority of the season takes place outside of Bon Temps.

Although, Alan Ball has been known to stray from the Sookie books. I guess we’ll have to wait until summer to find out!

Are you excited as me for the third season to start? Have thoughts on who nabbed Bill? Sad that Arlene might not last the season?

Catch the third season premiere of True Blood June 13th on HBO.

Source: TV Guide

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