'True Blood' Adds New Blood For Season 3

true blood season 3

Shock Til You Drop may have been glamouring us, but it looks like HBO's True Blood has added Marshall Allman , Theo Alexander and Grant Bowler into the fray for the coming third season of the deep-south vampire drama.

Allen, who played LJ Burrows in Prison Break and popped up in Mad Men and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will appear as Sam Merlotte's long-lost younger brother, Tommy Mickens.  Is shapeshifting genetic?  I guess we'll find out.  Alexander, of CSI: NY and Chuck fame, will be playing Talbot, the beautiful, blood-sucking boyfriend of the vampire king of Mississippi (which must be a more impressive title than it sounds).  How did kingdoms and wards get divided up by these folks anyway?  Bowler, who we know from Ugly Betty and Lost, will play a biker gang-leading werewolf (obviously) named Coot.

Of course a lot of these roles were referenced in our SPOILERIFIC True Blood Season 3 preview. Check it out HERE (if you dare!).

Take a look at the "new blood" being pumped into the True Blood cast:




For those who don't know (and are missing out), True Blood is based on the Charlain Harris' novels, The Southern Vampire Mysteries and is produced by Alan Ball, who wrote the 400 lb. gorilla known as American Beauty and previously produced Six Feet Under for HBO.  Allen, Alexander and Bowler will be joining cast members Anna Pacquin, Stephen Moyer and Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgård.

Season Three of True Blood will premiere in June of 2010.

Source: Shock Til You Drop

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