'True Blood' Throws a Few More into the Fray [Updated]

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Update: We have word on two more actors joining the cast of True Blood in season 3...

James Frain, Alfre Woodard and J. Smith-Cameron have joined the cast of True BloodShock Til You Drop brought us the news.  Who are these people, where have we seen them and what'll they be doing in Bon Temps?  Hit the jump for answers...

Frain, who's best known for his portrayal of Thomas Cromwell on The Tudors will appear as Franklin Mott, Tara's (Rutina Wesley) newfangled love interest.  We'll see how his superhuman strength and mind-control powers hold up against Tara's bad attitude.

The two-time Emmy-winning Woodard (who picked up those trophies for her work in The Practice and Miss Evers' Boys) will star as Lafayette Reynold's mother, who fans of the show know is therefore Tara's aunt and her born-again mother's sister.  Woodard brings an undeniable strength to her performances that I look forward to seeing butt up against the established characters, especially considering the conflict in that family.  Not to mention, Nelson Ellis' work as Lafayette Reynolds is some of the best acting being done on TV today and I expect big things from scenes between mother and son.


J. Smith-Cameron of Law & Order fame will be playing Sam Merlotte's estranged mother, Melinda.  Ol' Sam's luck with the ladies hasn't been very impressive - here's hoping his relationship with mom doesn't end in death or heartbreak.  Click here for more recent additions to the cast of True Blood.

Update: Lastly, THR reports that actor Joe Manganiello - best known for a reoccurring role as a hunk on How I Met Your Mother - will be joining the True Blood cast as "Alcide" a "sexy alpha male werewolf."

Character actor Cooper Huckabee will be joining the cast as Sam Merlotte's dad, Joe Lee Mickens.

These newbies will be joining Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten and numerous others.

The next season of True Blood airs on HBO in June of 2010. If you simply can't wait 'til then, check out our season 3 preview for some juicy secrets!

Source: Shock Til You Drop

Update Source: THR

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