True Blood Season 2 Finale: Review & Discussion

Season 2 of Alan Ball's growing-in-popularity adult vampire show came to an end Sunday on HBO. The True Blood Season 2 finale tied up the major plot threads of the season and set up several more that will be key story elements moving forward into the third season.

Join us as we look back on some of the things that happened this season and in the finale, and as we look forward on what things we could be seeing next season.

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

You've been warned - If you're reading this, I expect that you've seen the episode, so some spoilers will be mentioned. Let's get to it then, shall we?

The End of Maryann

The focus of the finale is on putting an end to Maryann Forrester (Michelle Forbes) and her wicked ways. As we know, she has the entire town under her control and sporting black eye contacts, the kind that makes people eat raw hearts and start community orgies.

Anyway, that craziness aside, Maryann is getting ready for her very special day, preparing to make a sacrifice to the bull-horned god of evil so she can marry him. Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) is the worthy sacrifice in her mind and her maid of honor absolutely must be the show's leading lady, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin).

There's a bunch of usual weirdness around this situation with them forcing Sookie to drink blood and lick a big ostrich egg, a nest that Tara and Eggs built on the bed of Sookie's grandma, and a tree made of raw meat, but we've come to expect that from scenes involving Maryann. We also got to see Jason Stackhouse and Deputy Andy try to be the annoying heroes for 15 seconds before finally enlisting in Maryann's zombie army against their will.

On the other side of town, good ol' Bill Compton is back to help save the day and he joins with Sam to form a plan to put an end to Maryann. We don't know what that plan is yet but we soon find out it involves poor Sam almost dying and Maryann getting horned to death and her heart getting ripped out. Poor Sookie didn't know what was going on and we got a lot of her screaming and crying as Sam got introduced to Eggs' ability to use a knife.

I was so thankful when Maryann got put down as I was not digging that whole situation all season long or her crazy interest in Tara, another character I wasn't entertained by this season.

The Other Stories

With that plot thread finally coming to a close, we still had half the episode left!

During the main event, we also got a few scenes for the other storylines also taking place around that time. We only got one scene of big bad Eric Northman, played by rising star Alexander Skarsgård and that involved him getting owned in a game of Yahtzee by Queen Sophie-Anne, the vampire Queen of Louisiana.

Although it was only one scene, it was very important and has implications for the future of the show. The scene finally presented viewers with a purpose for the vampire mistress as she demonstrated some harsh negative emotion with Eric. As it turns out, that vampire blood that Eric asked Lafayette to start selling is actually hers and he was doing it under her orders. She was not impressed finding out that Bill knew that Eric had done that. This is something to be explored in True Blood's third season.

The other storyline we got a bit of is that of Hoyt and Jessica's relationship. Hoyt became a major player this season compared to last year where he played a guest role here and there. He represents pure innocence and goodness and he's a good balance for Jessica whom we thought was on the right track. Unfortunately, Hoyt's zombified mom ruined that for them and it sets them apart.

After the Maryann situation, Sam goes to his foster parents who abandoned him after the shock of him shapeshifting into a dog years prior. He's on a mission to find his true parents who he's warned against as being bad people from his foster mom. His dying foster dad however, gives him the info he desires.

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