True Blood: Season 2 DVD Date & Season 3 Tidbits

True Blood

Don’t lie, you’ve been wondering when season two of HBO’s hit series True Blood is going to come out on DVD. Sure, you can play it off as trying to be a helpful friend, but we all know that you can’t get enough of Sookie, Vampire Bill, Jason, Tara, Lafayette and the always dumbfounded Andy Bellefleur.

Well, wonder no more as HBO has announced that season two of True Blood will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on May 25th. Oh, yeah... make sure to get that information to your “friend.”

Details on the DVD are still being finalized, so there is no information about what special features fans can expect to see, but I’d assume that it would be as much, if not more, than the first season. So, you can look forward to more commentary and possibly some behind-the-scenes features. I wouldn’t be surprised if they also included some of the PSA’s that were created by Rev. Steve & Sarah Newlin for the Fellowship of the Sun website.

Season 3 Tidbits

Alright, now on to what you’re really hear for. While these aren't as big as our first True Blood season 3 plot spoilers or even our more recent spoilers, these are more like tidbits. So, what are these tidbits? Well, it appears as if True Blood’s clothing optional attitude will be even less optional this season.

Todd Lowe (Vietnam Veteran, Terry Bellefleur) says,

"A lot of people will be getting naked this season."

Carrie Preston (Barmaid, Arlene Fowler) confirms, Citing Alexander Skargård’s lack of inhibitions,

"Alex is not shy about getting naked at all. And there will be lots of those kinds of scenes with Alex this season."

Lowe confirms,

"He's already been naked a time or two so far since we've gotten back to filming."

Really True Blood? Sounds like you’re kicking things up a notch. Where’s Lafayette to change the subject to something else?

Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) says,

"There are a lot of hunky dudes and beautiful women who have been added to the cast, so it doesn't surprise me that more clothes are coming off."

You tricked me again! Darn you, Lafayette. Darn you!

Is this is all that season three of True Blood going to be or can we expect to see something awesome? Possibly in the first episode? If you listen to Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), it would appear so.

"There is a surprising—well, shocking—scene in the first episode. Some people will be happy and some people will not."

Hmmm… Let the speculation begin.

So, there you have it. Season two True Blood DVD release date and some more tidbits from season three. What more could you want for a Wednesday?

Expect to see the premiere of the third season of True Blood in June.

Source: HBO & E! Online

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