Comic-Con 2010: True Blood Panel

True Blood Season 3 Premiere Review & Discussion

True Blood is here at Comic-Con! The geeks have lined up all day in hopes of entering Ballroom 20 to get a glimpse of their favorite Bon Temps residence. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to see the True Blood panel as Ballroom 20 has become this year’s “Twilight” at Comic-Con.

While it’s almost impossible to gain entrance to Ballroom 20 (the room has been completely filled for the past few hours), Screen Rant fought the geeks back and will be bringing you live coverage of the True Blood panel at Comic-Con 2010.

So, sit back, relax and get ready for Alan Ball and the entire cast to dish the dirt on HBO's hit series, True Blood.


(All times are PST)

5:16 - Nothing has happened yet, but the smell of nerd is pungent.

5:26 - The panel has NOT started yet. What's going on here? This thing ends at 6:15 no matter when it starts. The fans aren't going to like this.

5:27 - Of course it starts right after I wrote the previous update.

Tim Stack is moderating (don't know who he is). He's wearing a Ghostbusters shit, so that's a plus.

He's curently talking about how much he loves True Blood, but ends up sounding like a little girl (or our editor Rob K talking about The Vampire Diaries.)

Alan Ball comes out to show us an exclusive clip of the final half of the season... fans go nuts.... gotta close laptop.

5:32 - The clip was Amazing! Everyone is turning dark. Eric turns on Sookie, Bill goes crazy, Lafayette and Tara follow in their family footsteps (they go crazy)

Sookie gets bit by Lorena and is in the hospital.

5:35 - They announce the cast, everyone goes CRAZY! Everyone is here except Alexander Skarsgård and Ryan Kwanten (bummer)

Question to Anna about Sookie being a badass. She says it's fun and she loves kicking ass.

Asking about her "microwave fingers" returning. We're going to find out what they our as the season continues.

Anna does her impression of Bill (Stephen Moyer) by saying "SOOKIE!"

5:38 - Stephen is talking about playing "dark" Bill. He says that it's great because Alan Ball never has him play the same thing twice.

The talk has now turned dirty and has gone to the crazy sex scene with Bill and Lorena where he twists her head around.

They're explaining how it was shot: The actress playing Lorena had to get a full body cast which was strapped to Stephen, the neck was ratcheted so he could spin it. They shot it in two parts and cut it together.

The cast is asked for their favorite gore out moments: Sam's hasn't happened yet, Anna's is the second finale where there's a man doing bad things to her kitchen sink.

Rutina talks about Tara's screwed up love life and she goes into talking about Tara's past and that being a factor.

Sam talks about Sam's family and how he should go on Maury. He says that.

Denis talks about his back story for King of Mississippi that he created. He wrote these long emails to Alan telling him his idea and Alan just responded with two word answers, "that's good."

Alan is asked if Oprah watches True Blood because he's working with her on a project. Turns out he's never met her.

Snoop Dogg video. Alan knew that Snoop was a fan and wanted to be on it. Alan said that he didn't find out about it until the Monday after it was released because he's so busy workgin.

Alan is talking about the porn version of True Blood and how they wore the same wigs as in the Snoop Dogg video.

The cast is asked what other stars watch True Blood. Leann Rhymes, Elizabeth Taylor

Nelson talks about Lafayette's "lovin'" with Jesus outside of Merlott's. He says that sex usually comes after a transaction, but that it's great to see another side.

Deborah talks about Jessica's relationship with Hoyt and if it'll ever full happen. She says that for young people, you have to learn to love yourself before loving someone else. She doesn't think Jessica loves herself yet.

They're now talking about the lady romance with Pam and Jessica and how it's somewhat sexual, but now teacher/student.

5:51 - Kristen is asked if Eric had to choose between Sookie and Pam, who would he chose? Kristen said that he would pick choice "C" and have "all of the above"

Asking Charlene about what she's looking forward to seeing Alan Ball bring to the series. She says that it's Sookie's Granfather. "I will rise up" is her favorite episode.

Focus is now on Joe (ladies go crazy). He said he's going to be really naked in this week's episode.

They're talking about the "Brotherhood of the Sock" amongst the cast for being naked. It's a black velvet tray. You get three choices of sock, a velvet sock with a drawn string, a plastic thong and a man-panties.

5:54 - Alan is talking about season 4 and the books and that the fans know what's going to happen because there's a person who doesn't know who he or she is... I don't know who that is.

Fan questions:

Which is harder to film, sex or violence? Anna says that we have to fake the violence, but that during sex their actually naked. Kristen says that it's a good day at work eitherway. Anna likes to get naked early in the day (of shooting) and killing later. Stephen says that everyone starves themselves when they have to get naked (except Ryan and Joe).

How do you prepare to work with the animals on set? Kristen mad a joke about it's not so bad working with Alex. Sam says that the easiest animal was the deer, but that the cat is the worst. Denis says that with the wolves, they were warned because the babies could knock them over. To do the actual acting, they had to work with half-wolf/half-dog and make stupid noises behind them.

Kristen and Nelsan, what are your favorite lines? Kristen likes the hooker line, Nelsan says there are so many, but he likes to say "bitch."

Why does Alan love death so much? Alan experienced death first hand and that there was a time where his family was dropping like flies. He's trying to explore that as an artist. He doesn't consider True Blood a show about death, even though more people die. He thinks Bon Temps is a fun place to visit.

Miss the question, but there's going to be a look deeper into Franklin's craziness

Question about Sookie and Bill's relationship according to the book: He says you have to keep watching, but he believes Bill and Sookie are soul mates. He roots for them to be together and that their love is genuine.

Charlene says that her world is different and things between Sookie and Bill might end up differently.

Alan is asked when Tara is going to get a break from crazy: There will be one at the end of this season, but it won't last.

Charlene plans to write 13 books for Sookie series, How long will True Blood last? Alan wants it to run as long as it can. Though, he doesn't want to have to explain why vampires are aging. He looks forward to those season because he's enjoyed this more than any other show.

Favorite vampire other than True Blood? Alan Ball likes the vampires in the movie Near Dark and Let The Right One In. Twisted Korean vampires in Thirst. The Lost Boys was mentioned... No Edward from Twilight was mentioned... people Boo'd his name. Alan hasn't seen Twilight.

6:09 Alright, folks. things are wrapping up. That is all. Thanks for reading, but I've got to be nerding off.


Cast members: Anna Paquin (Sookie), Sam Trammell (Sam Merlott), Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse), Rutina Wesley (Tara Thorton), Chris Bauer (Dect. Andy Bellefleur), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds), Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman),

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