First of Three 'True Blood' Season 5 Fan Posters Is a Bloody Mess

True Blood Gimme Five

Waiting on the aftermath of a True Blood season finale can sometimes feel more torturous than waiting on the results of a final paper. That said, if you consider yourself a true die hard fan of the show, then waiting on the results can at times feel like waiting on the results of a pregnancy test - only the pacing, over contemplating, and nail biting can last anywhere from 8-9 months until you finally know the ultimate results, and by that time the baby will have already arrived.

As a result, any tidbit of True Blood content is welcome - to help the wait pass by.

To that end, True Blood Outreach has released the first of three fan posters HBO plans on using to promote the fifth season of its insanely popular vampire series which stars Anna Paquin (Scream 4, The Romantics) and Stephen Moyer (The Caller, Priest).

The fan poster contains a bloody hand print and has the text "GIMMIE FIVE" (which symbolizes the show's fifth season) underneath.

Check out the first fan poster below:

True Blood Season 5 Fan Poster (Give Me 5)

With the tagline for the fifth season stating "Everything Is At Stake" and the latest round of trailers showing glimpses of a dramatic, action packed season, as well as the return of cast members Michael McMillian and Dennis O'Hare, one has to hope that True Blood can live up to the hype that has attracted so many fans to its previous blood-sucking seasons.

Whether or not the bombardment of fan posters, trailers and teaser trailers seem to be an overkill is up to the beholder but one thing that's for certain is HBO doesn't plan on driving a stake through the highly rated True Blood anytime soon. True Blood falls in line on a string of successful HBO television series that include The Sopranos, The Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Boardwalk Empire.

To borrow a vampire phrase, it "sucks" that we have to wait so long for each season of True Blood but like fine wine, or an elder vampire's blood, True Blood seems to get better with age and never seems to disappoint.

True Blood returns to HBO on June 10th

Source: True Blood Outreach

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