True Blood: Eric Vs. Bill: Who Was Better For Sookie?

If you were obsessed with the True Blood series like I was, then you too would have a clear insight into who was better for the beloved Sookie Stackhouse. All True Blood fans were either #teameric or #teambill. The truth of the matter is, they both played some pretty convenient roles for Sookie. Is there a clear choice as to who was better in their role?

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Probably not but can we be selfish and say we had our favorite? Of course we can. Both the books and the TV show drew in a diverse fanbase... a fanbase that all thought they knew who could tame the wild fairie Sookie. Here is who is the better love interest for Sookie: Eric or Bill?

10 Eric Had More Power (At One Point)

As a vampire sheriff, Eric had several people at his call. Not only his sired baby vamps and right-hand lady Pam. He had the opportunity to call in favors and meet with some pretty important people. If Sookie had stayed with him she most likely would have ended up like all the other women he messes around with.

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Sookie isn’t one to lust after a man so we can totally see why Charlaine Harris chose the end that she did. However, if Sookie ended up with Eric she would have had… a different kind of life. 

9 Bill Was Content

Bill was the type of man who preferred to keep to himself. Sookie was drawn to his quiet demeanor. Moreso, she liked the idea of the quiet life he led. Bill was a man who was happy with living off of true blood and if he never pricked another human being with his fangs he would be fine.

The stability was what was exciting to Sookie and why he may have been the better option. He was willing to be the man that gave up basically living as a vampire for true love.

8 Eric Could Protect Sookie

Not to say that Bill couldn’t protect Sookie. Eric just had the power behind him to truly protect her. In season one when Sookie goes to Bill’s house for the first time, he has a few uninvited guests over who want to have Sookie for dinner.

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Bill looked just as terrified as Sookie did because he knew that he didn’t have the power to tell these vamps no and actually be able to protect her from the retaliation of his no. What Eric says goes. 

7 Bill Was Always A Southern Gent

Being from the south Sookie appreciated good southern gentlemen. Unfortunately for her, that was hard to come by because she could read the thoughts of all the imposter gentlemen and knew how filthy they actually were. Seeing as she couldn’t read Bill’s thoughts and he treated her like a southern man should, it was almost as if she found mister right.

Bill offered the comfort that she longed for but still, this wasn’t good enough for Sookie. She wanted a real life with babies and sunlight and food. 

6 Eric Was The Bad Boy

True Blood Eric Northman

… And no one marries the bad boy (well, they shouldn’t). Most girls end up having some kind of experience with a bad boy. This was Sookie’s experience. She learned early on that Eric was just way too erratic, uncontrollable and selfish to ever make life with. Was he good for that moment in her life? Yea, of course, he was, look how many times he had to use his influence to save her.

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But when you think about it, did he ever have good intentions when it came to Sookie? All he ever wanted was her blood, sex and to ask HER to risk herself for one of his many plans.

5 Bill Always Professed His Love

No matter what Bill did to Sookie, her friends, or her family he always ended up professing his love for her. Every time he did something that didn’t have the best outlook he always had a greater reason. He always wanted to protect Sookie at any costs and if this meant going off the deep end (which he did A LOT) then so be it.

Even in the books when Bill seemed to be in an act of betrayal or making selfish decisions it would later be revealed that this was all so he could do to keep Sookie safe. If your man doesn’t go as hard for you as Bill does, does the relationship even count?

4 Eric And Sookie Could Have Been A Power Couple

Eric and Sookie truly could have been a power couple. She was a fairie with her own powers. Powers that she didn’t even begin to tap the surface on. He was a freaking Viking before he was turned. It’s almost like a match made in heaven they had their own strength and Eric knew her value in a battle. He always gave her room to make her own decisions and if she needed his help he would show up.

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Bill, on the other hand, would watch her like a hawk. Since he was attached to her by all of her blood he has ingested he wouldn’t even give her time to figure out if she was actually scared or just had a bad dream before floating uninvited into her home.

3 Bill's Dedication

Bill was so dedicated to showing Sookie that he was willing to do anything in exchange for her life. One of those things was when he was exposed to the deadly Hep V virus. This was the virus on the TV (not the books) it was basically invented to kill all vampires because of the hold they had over the world.

Bill is injected with Hep V but is eventually offered a cure. However, he wants to keep Sookie safe and her involvement with vampires is what is keeping her in danger. When Bill is offered the Hep V cure he vehemently denies it. He tells Eric about a dream he has of Sookie giving birth to death and that he must save her from that. 

2 Eric Didn’t Treat Her Like A Delicate Flower

Eric realized early on that Sookie could take care of herself. He always knew there was something special about her. Also, she never seemed helpless. She took on the seedy Rattray’s even after they beat her and left her for dead. Eric watched Sookie handle her own in a battle and even let her take a few hits.

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Sometimes a girl just wants to fight without having to worry if someone is going to fly down and remove her from a situation she already had a handle on. Besides if he was that worried he would send protection in the form of Pam or one of her minions.

1 Bill Truly Tried To Help Vampires And Humans Co-Exist

One thing that Bill truly had over Eric was that he genuinely wanted humans and vampires to exist. Even as he rose in the ranks of vampire politics and became King of Louisiana one of his main talking points was how they could gain the trust of the humans. His natural kindness was a great complement to Sookie’s kindness. Especially seeing as she truly knew how people were because she could hear their thoughts.

This was one thing that Eric couldn’t fully understand: kindness. Bill’s past led him to learn how important kindness is whereas, Eric still had a lot to learn.

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